Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas..infact.. MERA Christmas

I am celebrating christmas big time....let me tell u how!!

Last night i hung one of my sock in my almirah waiting for Santa to come in and drop some gift in it...but my bad luck went worse again....by mistake i hung a sock that I had been wearing for 7 days non stop...Dear Santa came on his reindeer...saw the sock...the moment he got close to it...he got a shot of local anaesthesia ...Santa fainted then n there!! Poor reindeer had to drag him back out of the town on the sledge..
God got angry...and instead of sending the Clause fame Santa...he sent Banta famed Santa...whose arm pits were stinking more than my sock ...he came to my room...shook me up..and gave me around 1200 files to analyse!! So here i m sitting in office.....celebrating my Christmas....

Jingle BAEL (ox) Jingle BAEL...jingle all the way!

Merry Christmas to u all !!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I ve got mail!!!

this one is going to b a simple one....and i might get shot/burried/assasinated/blasted..in short killed for this...so all those whom i owe money...my number is 9886770713

i got a mail from one of my closest friends, namyata pathak..name not changed for public interest..the mail goes like this..

When a GIRL is quiet ... millions of things are running in her mind.
When a GIRL is not arguing ... she is thinking deeply. When a GIRL
looks at u with eyes full of questions ... she is wondering how long
you will be around. When a GIRL answers " I'm fine " after a few
seconds ... she is not at all fine.

When a GIRL stares at you ... she is wondering why you are lying. When
a GIRL lays on your chest ... she is wishing for you to be hers
forever. When a GIRL wants to see you everyday... she wants to be
pampered. When a GIRL says " I love you " ... she means it. When a
GIRL says " I miss you " ... no one in this world can miss you more
than that.

Life only comes around once make sure u spend it with the right person
.... Find a guy ... who calls you beautiful instead of hot. who calls
you back when you hang up on him. who will stay awake just to watch
you sleep. Wait for the guy who ... kisses your forehead. Who wants to
show you off to the world when you are in your sweats. Who holds your
hand in front of his friends. Who is constantly reminding you of how
much he cares about you and how lucky he is to have you. Who turns to
his friends and says, " That's her!!

So i m making an attempt to answer it in my words....after all in a democratic republic even i have a say for the fair-n-handsome sex!

so let me try to make a similar quote for guys....

When a guy is quiet ... he wants peace n silence so that he can take rest...so please shut up!
When a guy is not arguing ... he has given up on the gal n is testing his levels of patience!
When a guy looks at u with eyes full of questions ... he wants to ask you questions or he is hungry!
When a guy answers " I'm fine " atleast for that moment he is truely fine or his name is Fine.

When a guy stares at you ... he might be admiring you or you just fell in his range of sight!
When a guy lays on your chest ... you can't breathe!
When a guy wants to see you everyday... he wants to spend time with you or you owe him money!
When a guy says " I love you " ... he means.."i like you more than anyone else I like..can we stay together".
When a guy says "I miss you " ...he assumes/knows that only u can miss him more than how much he is missing you!
that's HIM

so guys are very simple....they show wat they mean!

actually mother nature and father god planned it very well....they made the creature with a little lighter brain, complex so that the simpler creature can understand the complex creature with less complexity....darwin's theory of smthng, may b balance!!

for world peace!

P.S. words speak louder than actions...pen is mightier than sword...keyboard is better than slap..so instead of waiting for the moment to slap me/ or support my thoughts...please post a comment!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

our official team trip

Now many of you might not feel related to this writeup, but just for records as well as to share what we went through..i m posting it here!!

29th October 2007, a remarkable day in our history. Sensex touched 20k, Mr. Ambani became world’s richest man, it didn’t rain in Bangalore and not to forget ZTRANS team went for a team outing with most of the team members making it successfully back from the trip, all those who didn’t make it back actually didn’t go and missed the fun!

The planning started days ago, or may be months ago or must be more than an year, if you count the excitement of team outing as one of the components of planning for the outing. This time Mr. Solaiyappan PICCHIAPPAN and Mrs Divya Praksh were given the reigns to organize the event for us and they finally did it. It all started with ZTRANSites getting aware of the fact that each one of us deserves Rs. 1200/- for extra-PMRicular work and as expected things happened - discussions, meeting, planning, meeting, finalizing, meeting, postponing, meeting, multiple teams joining, meeting, rage, meeting and finally outing.

The destined day came, as decided there were 2 pick up points, EGL 6:30am SHARP and Mantri 7:00 am CUTTING EDGE. A huge SRS bus came and we all got into it but by the miscalculation of the aura and entropy of the people in the bus, some of the most mischievously fun loving people got in the last couple of rows of the bus. One question still goes unanswered, why were all of them from ZTRANS? The party started with the first rev of the bus. Heading on the smooth, straight Kanakpura road the organizing team took command and decided to reshuffle the seats so that everyone comes to know each other. For all those who don’t know, the outing was for 3 teams, ZTRANS, HPC and Solutions. So it was pretty logical for all to pick a chit from the pandora’s bowl and sit with a person who has another chit with same colour name mentioned. Step two was to introduce your partner. Most of the people obeyed the rules and played pretty well except few. I recall that those people were called hooligans or indisciplined but ignorant world, they were just color blinds. Despite this they played pretty well and everyone in the bus was introduced. I just remember meeting a new guy called Solaiyappan Pichhiappan and one rollicking gal, forgot her name though. The bus meandered through the hills, serene landscape, along the river and with the burps of our Food court idlis and wadas we landed at Bheemeshwari.

Part two of the trip starts. Excited bunch of people started taking snaps, all over the place, from the welcome hut to the mouth watering welcome drink, from the rafting boats to tree branches. Time to rock and roll arrived, the guide announced the commencement of rafting. People changed into their casuals, got into the life jackets, guarded their heads, grabbed the oars and posed for the photographs. They knew that hardly they dress up like gladiators. Some great instructions were given by the guide in a very interesting way. After some warm up exercises in the raft the whole group of strong hearted and well insured people set off in 3 rafts, one guide per raft. Drifting along the river, we were following the instructions of the guide. Forward, backward and stop were the three instructions and it was enough for us to meander the boat. The guide guided the boat well enough to ensure that we get a great feel of the rapids. Some of the rapids were huge, huge enough that the first person saw a 4 feet water-wall whereas the last guy was in air for couple of seconds. For all those who feared drowning and hence never got into the water, there was the special activity where everyone on the boat got down in the water and couple of us swam as well. I personally found swimming against the current to be the second toughest thing, first one being arranging the team outing! We saw a baby crocodile and an elephant on our rafting trip. We pulled our anchors down at a point from where the open air geep ride to the base camp was another enthralling experience. Many of us used it as a good opportunity to dry ourselves off.

Now what, sitting and thinking, we got on a net hanging from the tree branches and had a great time swinging there. Time for lunch, we had the super spicy but good food. Post lunch, we were planning to relax on the hoards of hammocks, swings and nets over there but to begin the series of heart breaks, we were told to finish off the coracle ride! Hurried into the coracles, the herd of coracles was set off on the same rafting route. Though coracle came nowhere close to the rafting experience yet it was a great experience. Just imagine putting an ant in a bowl and sending the bowl down a small stream. Poor ant, analogously but ironically we enjoyed! Back to the same anchoring point, we set back on the same open air jeeps. Post shoe-wearing ceremony, we all set off for the amazing trek. What was called a trek was actually a site seeing activity combined with a walk through the jungle. Anyhow, at the top of the hill there was a tower that provided a pretty good site of the landscape, got some snaps clicked. It was only 4:30 and we reached the base camp. Post tea we planned to spend some time with each other playing football or some other game as we were all scheduled to leave by 5:30. The lightning struck again and due to some unavoidable emergency conditions, we had to take our steps off. None of us felt bad, I am not kidding, seriously, none of us!

Back in the bus, we started the world famous, Dumb C. Dumb’ed by the tweaking of the return plan, we all played it pretty well. The game was pretty amazing with people going through a set of E –MO-TIONS, from laughter to embarrassment, from anger to helplessness! The back benchers were loaded with joy and the tyre could not take it any more…fisssssssssss….puncture! Post tyre change the hooligans started dancing! Who says you need a floor to dance, its just a mood to grove that can make everyone shake a leg or two. The hunted talent of the night was Sowmya, personally I never thought she could dance so well. With the party rolling we reached our destination and tired but not exhausted we landed. Time to shutdown the engines but only to give a double rev next day. We all enjoyed the trip and I know there are some grudges, but I will not say that no rose comes without a thorn because I love sunflower, with always sunny side up!
On the whole a special thanks to Sridhar, Rajesh, Solai Pichhi, Dipraksh, Pidad and Shalet for taking all the pains and making those efforts to ensure that we all enjoy to the core. Don’t you think we should have more events of these kinds! Hail ZTRANS, the core of fun lovers on EGD-6/7th floor!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Comment/ Bakar

This blog is a comment on my best buddyz below mentioned writeup which is his interpretation of love/relationship!! since i love indulging in plagiarism..i thought of doing it in a different way ...sorry varun...


extremely nice writeup ..i can never pen down my thoughts in such a flow...and since being best buddies for ages ... day in day out we talk abt gals and relationships, hence i could understand everything wat u meant...but i wud LIKE to differ on this...forgive me for watever i m gonna say :) i owe u a draught :P

NOTE: the comments/suggestions/bakar of mine is not meant only for varun...the word "you/u" refers to the readers in general!!

"if i do this today...and if i wont b able to do it tomorrow..then things will get spoilt" ..this is the crux of the writeup..

but why cant u do it tomorrow...and if u cant do it tomorrow then why cant u explain it to ur counterpart/other-half that u cant do it...isnt she/he supposed to b understanding as well??

"understand the gal before telling a yes...meet her properly..see if she can fit in well..etc etc...think a lot before taking any step"..MOU ..now i owe u 2 draughts :P

all those people who think/talk like this r calculative and safe player in life/relationship..not like wat wat varun is in share market :)

u are not ready to experiment, u are scared of trying and hence to b on a safer side u have drawn lines....drawing analogy to a game of football... u set rules, regulations, yellow cards and red cards...indeed the game goes on pretty good...everybody comes out happy and safe....n everyone thinks that its the best way to play...but have u ever played a game of soccer in rain in open ground full of slush and MOST IMPORTANT..without any fear of losing...i kno u have more chances of getting hurt in that...game can go wildly out of control...and things can go bizzare..infact game can b over & out in a jiffy...but that is wat i think gives a real feel of living...that is wat touches u deep within (ask me :P )!!
actually i appreciate the beauty with which varun has found and explored each-n-every weak joint of a relationship..its pretty tough to pen down all the thoughts in such a systematic manner..but one request..can u plz write another blog on wats good in a relationship, if possible,as big as this one (i kno this blog is not abt...wats bad in a relationship)??? i jst wanna see wat are the things u appreciate in a relationship! time to make annapurna happy :)

personally even i think, life is very simple...and so is a relationship..how do we gel with our frnds in life??as varun told me once...do we both set rules that we dnt have to talk everyday...we ve to b egoistic..we dnt have to care...we dnt have to assume coz we dnt kno each other....naaahhh...we jst flow...if mood b...i ask him.. how u doing, had food...if mood b we ll assume things for each other and buy stuff including movie tickets :P...i agree with u on this frnt buddy..but a life partner is not the same as ur normal frnd, not even ur best frnd...u shud nt even try to make her/him LIKE ur best frnd...
u can live miles away for ages..and still b best frnds...but not in a relationship!! u can bear ur frnd flirting with other gals..but u cant stand ur gal even talking abt one potential competition of urs....there are many such examples..

let me not digress frm the topic..actually i think that relationship is more abt 2 ppl..who can NEVER b same in the begining..and they have to mingle slowly...hence there shud not b any rules or regulations for each other...u shud keep moulding urself according to the other, which shud b a two way affair...and changing urself to the other person's need is not going under-egositic..its abt understanding him/her and hence coming upto his/her frequency level..its abt respecting his/her perspective towards life..his/her likings..and then trying to gel his/her needs to ur needs..i m not asking u to totally give up ur personal interests for him/her..but atleast try to set interests of both the people at same level....coz finally only those 2 ppl can last together who are like each other!!even in this case of urs...where ppl will follow ur rules..i dnt think u can find any couple in which both the guy and the gal will agree to any point u ve said...they ll have their different view points..and hence again a scope of moulding according to each other against ur philosophy of staying egoistic.... so ppl just take the risk...and u ll enjoy it..till when can we calculate..till when can we b bound by rules...office home family field payroll NSE roads..everywhere we follow rules..we cant help those coz we are not the owners of those things and we r not the only ones getting affected...but atleast try this thing without rules..take a combined ownership of ur relationship...and then both of u get out on the highway...see how ur vehicle cruises!!! as varun says.. forget the destination..enjoy the journey!!

one very famous quote...sorry for going over philosophical...
"ships are safe in harbours...but is this wat they are made for???"
let ur sails down, take ur partner along..and let the wind guide u..and i m not saying NO RULES..i m jst asking u to keep them minimum..only use a compass and a map..thats it....and as u know..FLEXIBILITY is the key to enjoyment..as we used to tell it to abhimanyuz best frnd CC...i ASSURE u..that u ll b in a mess a lot of times.u ll b struggling ...fighting....but u ll love these testing moments...these will b the most defining moments of ur life..at 85 when u ll look back ur amnesia wont let u recollect all the rules...but the bruises on ur body will for sure make u realise of wat u ve been through....bahut mazaa aata hai, seriously..its tried and tested :)...who knows better than me and my buddy!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Wat to name this as ...

Before i start this writeup...i wud like to state that i m not the first one to call Shakespeare a moron and hence i shud not be sued for it! I am just one of the many who proudly denounce his highly talked about proverbs. Today I am gonnna attack his famous saying, "what's in a name" which i think is one of the dumbest statements ever made...Had he been alive i wud have loved to address him as Shiekh Spear or Shake spear or Ramu or Chameli or ZXDERF and would have waited for his reaction! I wonder if he would have even remotely felt related to those nouns.

Actually it all started on Friday evening. Celly pings me to chalk out a plan for dinner and as usual, the more than happy side of me asks, where?? Incomes the reply, Oye Amritsar! Now going with the marshallish repo of my dear frnd celly, I thought she was mocking at me and was asking me to go to Amritsar for dinner, which I thought was her home town :) So I neglected the statement and again asked,"seriously where"! She again said, "oye amritsar"! Hmmm so then it struck me that there could b a place tagged "oye amritsar"..and to confirm it I asked where is it!! She told me the directions and I just smiled at my foolishness.. More than half of my brain was mocking at the person who named the restaurant so rudely but the remaining part of it was being humble and telling me that "whats in a name".. I reached the discourteous court and while my body was busy eating, my head was still echoing with Shakespearez words! Then came the boss, my frnd Rishi's boss with his kid in arms, held cosily. the boss and kid were all smiles on seeing Rishi with a gorgeous gal and walked upto him! Rishi (name changed, not to avoid hurting him..but coz therez nothing in the name u c) , gets up and shakes hands firmly with the boss..and as a sign of courtesy pinches or koochi-kooes the kids cheeks and said..."hello piyush"...Though i didnt hear a lightening but the boss's face was struck with one! He pivoted around, pulling the kid away and a baritone echoed out of his mouth..."its not Piyush, its Pratyush"!! Man-o-man...I was rolling on the table laughing and so was Celly!! While my present tense was busy laughing my past tense was still conflicting over ..wats in a name!! And this incident proved that therez a lot in the name..

Just imagine ..you are born a gal and your parents have christened you bubbloo! You would have been doomed for life and beyond your imagination you would have faced a million problems...teachers would have made you stand up million times for giving proxy attendance for your fictitious best frnd...your credentials filled in any questionaire would have been checked twice to make sure that you have ticked the right box for the section "sex" and have not mistaken the noun "sex" as verb "sex" and ticked the F letter :)...many a guys would have refused to go arnd with u just to prov that they are straight...and as we all kno that gals get undue advantage when teachers give them marks, u wud have been deprived of those!! god knows wat all wud have got messed up in ur life!

OK...we talked abt the gender touch in the name..but wat if ur name is totally absurd...just imagine that u were baptised as something u jst cant relate to...some parents do that coz they are very passionate abt sm things and they want their kids to b living symbols of their passions!christiano ronaldo was named after brazilian ronaldo, i guess so, but its ok but imagine smthng like this...
a wild life conservationist names his kid, zebra...all throughout his life poor kid will b mistaken to b an offspring of a black man and a white woman!! or a car maniac names his kid Ferrari, all throughout his/her life people will keep looking for the silencer and horny side in him/her! or just imagine a numerology guy names his child DSCRFT coz those alphabets add upto make his lucky number, I dnt think i have to tell the problem that will crop up after naming ur kid DSCRFT!

So Dear respected Shakespeare, there is a lot in the name... I think most of us would like to second me on that...and those who dont agree...plz go and check what was Shakespeare's offspring's name! I am sure it wud have been Helmet..after his famous play Hamlet!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hungry India

It all starts with a smile and doesnt end even after you have run miles. First Let me quote wat has happend to me... yesterday my frndz parents visited her in bangalore and invited us for dinner at her home!! wow..party time....time to celebrate ...and hence TIME TO HOG!! We went to her house...and we ate like pigs...from rajma chawal to sweeets to wat not....and when our bellies were protruding enough to give our tea table a competition we slept....guess wat happened in morning today... This overeating lead to a series of chain reactions leading to gas formation and now i m less of a burden on earth..coz i m floating like a gas balloon!! i m feeling like an Appy Fizz now!!

why does this happen...is this only we indians who love to celebrate things by overeating or is it very human!! be it any festival or celebration time...the first thing that we have to do is to arrange for an eatable for the occassion! infact festivals are directly related to dishes...kheel-batashe for diwali, ghujia for holi, rasgulle for rakhi, cakes for christmas, sewiyan for id etc etc etc...and bloody all of them are sweet!! i have heard abt having a sweet tooth but i think we indians are born with a sweet jaw...very very sweet...may b thats why gals think that indians kiss better than italians ;)

jokes apart...there is a serious fact that i read couple of months back...as we all kno that humans will put on fat if they overeat without ample exercise...but the body part that will become the fat store varies with the genes...latin/europeans put on fat in legs...russians put on fat on shoulders..and we blessed indians put it on our tummy!! we are so blessed...

so why do we do this to our bodies and arent there any better ways of expressing love??? u go home and if u tend to control ur intake ur mom taunts at u saying that u dnt like home food or wat?? then offering/forcing second or multiple serving is a mandatory rule!! i m sure everyone wud have gulped down food under the pressure of host's blackmails or continuous persuasions!!
there are many other instances where we try to prove that we live to eat and not eat to live...i m doing nothing, i m getting bored..wat to do?? ok lets eat something!!!ohh india vs pakistan match....lets get something to nibble while i m watching!! i have a fast tomorrow....so let me eat a lot today! infact i kno ppl who eat to avoid depression...Adnan Sami is one of them and dnt be shocked...i really kno him,thats a different issue that he doesnt kno me!!

ok...enough of eating cribs...the major problem is that we dnt exercise..we dnt workout as much as we eat...infact indian eating habits are in a big time mess....
aaloo paratha has to go with butter.....butter panner, butter chicken, lassi, rice items, chhole bhatura..by god....all are deadly dishes...and once we hog..we hardly bother to atleast burn the unwanted stuff!!

when did u last see a huge dustbin?? i m sure pretty recently..the picture wont b too hazy...a huge plastic box...totally packed with all kind of eating stuff..bulging out from all sides...waiting to burst open...stinking as well!! dnt u think our bodies are not very far from it...analogously???

after giving all this gyaan..i just pray that i had a cap like appy fizz..which i cud ve opened and wud have let all the FIZZ in me to go away!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Damn Me!!

This is to inform you all that the writer is suffering from sporadic amnesia and hence keeps forgetting the topics on which he has decided to write something...so
hereon he ll post in this "post" all those topics which will b exploited on this blog:

1) Hungry India!!
2) Quadruple!!
3) Whats in a name!

These topics of writing strike me while i have my eyes open...so i dnt think just the topic will help u understand the story behind it!!but still kindly dnt indulge in plagiarism or any act of intellectual property stealing, else u ll have a bad tim!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Adding to the literature crap present in this world: aSHISH nAINWAL

The phone rang!!!!!
That was nothing new for Tani but still she ran towards it as if she has been expecting it. The world was silent enough to make her heart beats echo. Was she mesmerized by the phone or was she afraid…afraid, no it wasn’t the fear of failure but because she didn’t want anybody else to be on the phone except him, the fear of disappointment.
Tani attend the call came the words and brought her out off the spell. Sucking in more than half the air present in the room she moved her hand towards the receiver. In came the voice
The reply was a moment of silence. What Tani could hear was the phone cable swinging. Her throat got choked and her whole life shrinked into few moments… moments which have made her life a story worth reading or for me, worth writing.

First time in India
The breathtaking ride of ANACONDA
Only at Vessel World, Only on 28th August

When Tani read these lines, she thought that there couldn’t be a better place to go out with her childhood friend Varun but who knew what’s in store. Airtel came to aid (express yourself), outcame the cellphone and even before Varun could blink his eyes he was convinced for a weekend expedition to this ride. Though the weekend was only two days away yet it seemed an year away for the adventure freak Tani. Her dreams, her meals, her dance classes and even her bathroom singing had the touch of “ANACONDA”.
Came the weekend and the cell beeps and so does the door bell…Varun’s sms.
Tani v r frnz 4 more dan 15 yrs n I hope u undrstand me.Ruchi hs askd me to accompny her for her trip to Dubai.I have been dying for dis moment 4 last 1 mnth.I cnt miss dis.bt I wont ruin ur plans.1 of my BEST frns is coming to accompany u.He is a very decent fellow.plz oblige me.i kno u r a chweet gal.plz!!
With her eyes glued to the 6600z screen she was walking towards the door. The screen showed
and Tani’s face showed that it was a prank by Varun. She confidently opened the hostel door to find an alien structure outside the door. The alien was rather another earthling who was sharing space on this planet with Tani for around 20 years and she was very very naturally unaware of that.
Hi, my name is Ramik, Varun’s friend….aaa...is this …ok...i guess you are Tani..
The baritone entered Tani’s ears and dissolved all the questions in her mind. She was sure Varun is not coming, she was sure he has spoiled her weekend, she was sure that standing in front of her was another loser who is in for a blind date and finally she was sure that Varun has to soon visit a doctor. The chweet Tani went into slumber and outcame the lioness. Stretching her both hands out she blocked the door and hence showed zero interest in going out with this not so bad looking guy.
Ya I got the sms but sorry Ramik I can’t go out with you. I might be sounding too blunt to you right now but you see how can Varun even imagine that I can go out with a stranger.

EXACTLY…That is what even I was trying to make him understand but he wasn’t ready to listen and now you see I am in this embarrassing situation.

Was it the husky voice or his decency that put this thought in Tani’s mind. “if Varun is not concerned about me, why should I let my weekend go down the drain for him”.
The earthling took two steps backward and turned around to leave…
Stop…. I hope you are free today…

Before he could mutter anything…

Its not a bad option going out with you…but please don’t expect anything from me after today...i don’t know you. And dare not ask me for my cell number… she smiled. He died.

The command in the sweet voice was good enough to make even a beast shiver for once.

Why don’t you come in and have something. In the meanwhile I will get ready…its too hot today… I ll wear something white…u just sit and watch tv…i ll be back in 5 minutes.

Dumbstruck or awestruck, Ramik looked at the watch but couldn’t see the time. He was under the shock of meeting THE Jhansi Ki Rani (JKR).
Famous in his college as the best debater and a brilliant student of psychology, his notion that he could handle any female of this planet was shattered.
While he was still under the process of self motivation, the smell of something, he thought it was a flower, shook his senses. He turned around and who was she. She can’t b JKR…but she was. Setting his spectacles right he said

Ya let’s go...are you sure we will get entry passes easily…

Ya Varun booked them yesterday only...here they are…ohh...i ll check in my wallet..

Check in your pockets….

No they aren’t there…I guess I have forgotten them at my place only…

I will go and fetch them...it won’t take long…please bear with me...i am really sorry...i will go by my bike and will be back in two minutes or max ten minutes...you see I am such a....

Ok ok relax…its ok…I will come along…we will go to your place, if it’s not a problem...take the tickets and will leave from there…

Ya that’s fine...come we will rush…

Ya I love bike rides…hope you drive well…or else I will drive and you be the pillion…

Only one thought flashed in Ramik’s mind “what the **** , what does she think she is. SHE is DEAD”.

No it’ll be better if I concentrate on the road and YOU just enjoy the ride…I don’t give my Karizma to anyone...especially never gals

For the first time Ramik retaliated and was she impressed or taken aback, even she didn’t know.

So even you have opinions…good!!!

You just sit back and hold me tight…you are in for a ride of your life.

Tani didn’t know that the guy she was talking to is one of the best drag race biker around and he holds respect in the eyes of some of the best bikers in the town. Speed has replaced blood in his aorta and stunts are his best friends on whom he has always relied.
Tani realized that the bike was flying even before she could realize that it has started. Traffic is a problem in Bangalore…who says so???? Atleast not on this mean machine with this man handling it…sharp turns…red lights…stoppages...all seemed to be a thing of past. Cars have two tyres, too many….The bike was flying and the life was moving for Tani…and the THUD!!!
She opened her eyes and what she could hear was a long screech and Ramik moaning.

She pressed her ears as hard as she could…but the silence in I.C.U. pierced through her hands and made her realize that she is in a hospital. What she could see was a packet full of blood, a glucose bag and the digital clock.
TIME : 2 : 30 a.m.
DATE : 15 / 09/05

She turned her head to see if anybody was around and again her head towards the clock. Is the date right?? Today it’s got to be 29th August. In the dark corridor, which was barely visible in the dim light of bulbs, she saw a figure coming towards her. In one hand holding a coffee mug and in the other a thermos, he was following his shadow. Soon she realized he is Ramik but what has happened to him? She was happy to see him there but also bit apprehensive about how she should react. In a flash of idea she decided to be normal…
Through the glass door he saw her sitting and banged the door open.
He had grown leaner and his eyes were all black……she has grown plump and her face had those stitches marks.
His shoulders drooped and he was looking at his belt when the baritone came:

I am sorry Tani

On his leather shoe she saw a drop, was that tear or sweat….but the a.c. was working fine.
Its only because of my insanity you are in this situation. I shouldn’t have put your life at risk to satisfy my ego. I have driven rashly before as well but have never failed and due to this overconfidence of mine I did that blunder. I….

Tani realized that his shoes were getting wet with each passing moment and with each word being spoken. To handle the situation she thought of interrupting. Before she could say something…

Let me speak Tani…you have been in bed for 18 days and I have spent each day
repenting. I haven’t slept well, haven’t had food, haven’t studied and haven’t touched my
bike since then. what I was waiting for ..rather praying for was your well being . i was
waiting to make this confession since my last life. I haven’t lived for these 18 days Tani…
I am sorry..

He fell on his knees… crying… crying .. and crying more…as if he has never cried before and has a flood of
tears in him.

After an year or may be a minute he raised his eyes to see what Tani was doing…and to
his surprise what was she doing, he couldn’t make???? Her lips were moving, eyes wide
open, hands moving violently and tears flowing down her eyes….
Was she trying to speak????
Ramik was half dead and what to do next…he shouted.
In came the nurse…then her parents and finally after them the doctor. All
shocked to find Tani in that situation.
Few tests have to be conducted immediately, nurse bring the notepad, and ask the
laboratory and operation theatre people to get ready.

What has happened to my daughter?? Will she be alright??
Please doctor tell me what has happened..

While Tani’s parents were talking to the doctor there was a figure in the room that was
standing only to see everything go right. He didn’t have the courage even to interrupt her
parents, he has already made them suffer a lot and there was only one thought in his mind
“god why only me”

what have you done to our daughter, you just pray that she gets fine or else you are
ruined. I m not going to spare you….SLAP!!!

The slap was tight enough to disturb the guard at the main entrance…but Ramik didn’t
hear that..nor did he knew what was happening…was he breathing???
Yes he was.
The doctor came to his rescue
Mr. Goel leave the child….i think the vocal chord
replacement has to be done…it’s a new technique and I am sure it will work for her.

What has to be done for that, doctor tell me fast

Actually her vocal chord has been damaged and somebody who has the same cell
structure as hers has to donate a part of the vocal chord. But…there is a problem…

Now what problem??? spoke Ramik

She won’t be able to speak that fluently..it will require a lot of practice…and the person
who donates her the part will also start stuttering.

I ‘ll donate it….
The line came in a chorus, three people recititng it…mom,dad and him.

Let’s see whose cell structure matches….i ll have to scalp a part of your skin from your
thigh….kindly go to the laboratory with the nurse.

The operation started..all three of them standing impatiently outside the O.T. , their eyes glued to the red bulb and mind dead. Doctor claimed that it’s only one hour of operation and a week of recovery time to see if the operation is successful or ….

Each day was as heavy as each breath. A week was over and he got up at 4.30 a.m. …got up????…. Did he sleep??
With Mr. and Mrs. Goel he entered the I.C.U. For one week doctors have kept them away from her so that she doesn’t strain her stitches. Also they have been giving her a speech therapy and the signs were positive.

Dddad, mmmo om!!!

Oh my daughter thank god you are all right…thank god thank god…

All eyes were wet in the ward…except one pair. They have run out of their stock of tears…it seemed the lachrymal glands have died, emotions had only one meaning: sorrow and feeling can only be defined as pain.

She was clinging tightly to her parents and over their shoulder she saw that ‘earthly’ figure but this time more distorted than ever.

She got rid of the grip of her parents…took a deep breath and asked…

Hhho ow aar yu??

No reply came…

Stt ill rerepentiting?? It wawas m m my fa fau fault e equal ly. I I m sosory t too.

The already wet eyes off her got more wet…be it tears of joy or pain. But that figure who was leaning against his own burden was still mute…All eyes were focused on him when the doctor walked up to him

Come on buddy..alls well now!! Say hi to her

Nnno a a all i is n no not t wewel yeyet...i i hav tataken her vovoice….

The pearl dropped from his eye and a splash could be heard in the ward. She was mute and he was dumb. The silence of the room said it all. Her father got up and stepped towards him. Her mother afraid held his hand…

Forget it, spare the child now!!!

Ramik stood there firmly. With his brain already dead, no physical pain can move him now and how will you spell fear for him. He was numb. Mr.Goel hugged him tightly

You have made up for your mistake!!!

Nonott y y yeyet sir, I I ll mm make hher ppraccti….

Irritated with his inability Ramik snatched the notepad from nurse’s hand and wrote

I ll make her practice daily….i ll come to your house daily…and if someday I fail to come,I ll call her up…but in two months I ll make her speak quite normally…you might be thinking that I am getting selfish as this will help me get back on track too but please tell me how can I assure you of my selflessness…I am really sorry uncle and aunty…if she doesn’t get well and I don’t contact her even for one day...just assume I am dead…I m leaving now and wont be able to come tomorrow…but I ll make a call…

The paper got wet and the words were hardly visible but the feelings were pouring out of that piece of paper.
She snatched the paper and saw him leaving.

The sunshine was piercing through the glass windows and lighting up the corridor as bright as ever. But for few, today it was more brighter, more warmer and the figure leading his shadow in it was more confident, more alive and last but not the least rather first but not the best mmmore ssttaam stammering!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

bindia to india

India is a democratic, secular republic. The country is of the people for the people and by the people...but as i have always asked...who are these people...atleast i dnt get a feel that i m one of those.
U c i cant drink wat i want coz its gandhiz bday today...i cant talk to some1 coz he prays with his palms open...i cant marry some1 coz her god was crucified and ours has never shed blood....forget all these big things....i cant watch something coz some people dnt want me to watch it! My life, my eyes, my thoughts and i am an adult who knows what my neighbour with 10 kids did 10 times and i should not do at wrong time!!
Actually these thoughts/frustation cropped up in my head coz i saw a gang of hooligans tearing down one of the movie posters and causing havoc in the area...when asked why are they doing it ( i didn't ask )...most of them told that its anti social, vulgar and crappy movie....will spoil the society!! ohhh...is it so..how did they come to know abt it without watching??
everything is a selfish drama in this country...these guys were doing it coz they want publicity in the local mob! sometime back..some local gang called "yuva shakti" cropped up and vandalised "athena-the disco" in bangalore..claiming that it is spoiling the culture of bangalore...before breaking the things..these guys were sitting inside dancing and boozing :)
ok..these are publicity hungry hooligans resorting to cheap stunts to get some man power and get into the good books of the local leader!! but wat abt our censor board...
all of them are well educated people who have been dancing in half clothes in movies when their moms used to run after them with shawl to cover them. These people cut down the "censored" parts of the movies. The scenes are too hot and vulgar so the kids should not watch it...so to save the heritage of our country, they cut those scenes..not that i m desperate to watch those scenes...and also in this e-world they cant stop me from seeing them ...but who are they to tell us whats not good for us or our kids...arent parents supposed to decide wat their children shud watch?? ok...to a limit this policing might b helping set the social moral values correct but plz dnt censor everything!!
Earlier there was a censor board only for movies...then came this board for ads....banning ads coz they dnt publicize the right product in right manner! somebody shud tell these people that ads are not a description of the product..its a publicity from sales perspective and the stronger an impact it makes on a viewer's head, the better its recall value...let the viewer have jurisdiction power!
never know wat all censors are gonna come up...cant wear short pants..coz they show ur knee and hairy legs...kids will get scared!! cant put wireless earpiece as it makes u look like an alien..kids will get scared!! cant fart in public..kids will get scared!! cant talk in kannada in delhi...kids will get scared!! censor all these...kids shudnt get affected!
I was wondering if this censoring is just a present day fad or it has been there since ages..was it always here when we wrote KS or it came with Firangs...
This question makes me imagine that Some1 like gandhi nehru wud have tried calling apni bharat mata "bindia" to represent the heritage, wifey loyalty etc values of this country...but these queen's illegitimate sons found it too vulgar to name the country after a "gal"...so they removed the "b" and made it india!!

Censorship is nothing but another way of tying down the society, thoughts and ideas..dont u think Gandhi fought against all these things,millions laid down their lives to come over all these...but...where are we today, still under them???

2 minutes of silence ....For world peace...and freedom!

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Six pack, chiseled arms, bulging chest and fluttering wings! These are a turn on for so many gals...and a dream for more guys! I am no different and since my "hosh sambhalna" days..i have been visiting the gyms! I have never been consistent and have never taken it too seriously...but its fun to visit a gym...especially the "co-ed" or co-gym kinds where the chicks sweat it out with dudes!

Times have changed a lot since the day i first lifted a bar.Most of the iron in "pumping iron" has been replaced with rubber and cables, instructors have become more diet conscious than weight oriented and size is not the only thing that matters now but there are some things that have just remained the same...each generation of novice gymmers whom i call "jimmyz" do the same mistakes! yes i am talking abt the bloopers in gym! everyone who has been visiting gym would have seen atleast one of the stupidities that i m going to mention...and most of them happen in "co-ed" kind gyms.

Before i start..i wud like to introduce u to one of the common characters in the gym..she is an above average looking chick standing at the corner oggling at u! now read on to know wat all she can do!

One of the most common things that most guys do is to over do the set coz that chick on the corner is checking u out...man...over doing wont do any good to u..and the oggling eyes of the chick wont massage ur cramped muscles!

Another annoying but really funny thing that guys do in gym, and that too again to impress the same chick oggling from that corner is to make noise while lifting weight! Sir, u are not making love in the gym...i agree that talking to urself does motivate u..but plz talk to urself plz....u shud not misunderstand ur moans to b a mating call for the chick..she is not gonna get aroused on hearing u scream!

Now gals are not the only factors that make guys commit mistakes...some of us are really dumb enough to create funny situations and i thank them coz laughter is a good exercise!

Let me tell u this...yesterday i was standing next to the instructor discussing his family problems when suddenly we saw a guy holding the cable with his mouth and pulling it! normally that cable is used for tricep(part of ur arm) xtensions but on seeing him use it for jaw strengthening the instructor ran to him...when asked wat was that moron trying to do, we were non-chalantely informed that he is working out his face and wants a longer face with good cheek bones! man-o-man..i have nothing to say abt him...some people are born intelligent..he was one of them!!

A point to be noted is that in a gym, being over shy and reserved can be fatal. Most guys who dont have gym partners tend to workout alone...and most of the times end up lifting weights beyond their capacity. Best part comes when they dont even have anyone to provide support! The deadly combo is that u are shy so u didnt ask for any support, then u are lifting weight (more than the burden of ur family), and the same chick is oggling at u...man u are doomed!! its a weight that u just couldnot "do" and instead u tend to "overdo" ...so while u are struggling to lift it...making all kind of noises..concentrating hard on the weights as well as the corner of the gym...mother earth comes into picture...gravity was always there..but u suddenly start realising its presence to be more astounding! now u are lying on this bench with the rod lying on ur chest..and u cant lift it to put it back on stand...u cant ask for any help coz u are shy..and u cant shout coz u think that the chick is still checking u out! u are in no soup..u are in shit and gravity indeed sucks! god save u from such situations!

one of the best place to get some of the funniest situations in the gym is to stand next to the instructor..people are so inquisitive and concerned that they unknowingly tend to increas their humour quotient...how can i make my neck thicker..i want a dimple on my cheeks,wat to do...wats the exercise for eyes....will it hurt tomorrow if lift a lot of weight today....i have annual day celebration next week and i want to look slim for the attire i m gonna wear, so how can i lose 10kg in a week (quickly visit somalia)....i dnt want to lose fat from my arms and legs, but only want it to vanish from my paunch, how to do that....why dont u reduce the fee of the gym, alredy i spend so much on eating, so i dnt want to waste more money on losing weight..these are some of the normal ones i can recall.. but the funniest one that beats all of these hands down is..

"i have constipation and i have been struggling for 2 days now...wat exercise shud help me attend the nature's call confortably"...the moment he told this...i left the gym coz gas molecules disperse pretty easily and i didnt have cold that day!

so all this really happens in a gym and most of these happen with jimmyz...i bet each one of us wud have come across one thing or the other!!

P.S: If u kno some incident that is worth mentioning..kindly comment it out..i wud b more than happy to add it to the writeup with ur name, u c i hate plagiarism!
Also plz dnt send any goons to bash me up if i mocked at u!

happy jimming and stay healthy and dnt forget...everyone has to land in the grave..its upto the person to chose how he/she lands there....wanna reach there crawling,struggling,panting with million diseases on his/her shoulders or just wanna keep running till the end and take a final plunge into it!

happy living!

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Bangalore is flooded with them, so is hyderabad and gurgaon and noida etc etc..Dont know abt the other cities but in Bangalore most of them live the same life. Yesterday a bunch of juniors from my college landed in bangalore, with offer from MNCz in hand and a decent salary, decent enough to support an above average lifestyle. They were looking for a 2BHK, which has some facilities and while talking to them they revealed that they had a "talli" (aka booze) party last night!

I was being pushed back in time. Nostalgia made me realize that Bloody all of us are the same. We start from the same point and grow up the ladder in the same manner! I dont know abt the ones who are staying here with families and all..infact i pity them coz they are missing the best fun one can have...but I am majorly talking abt we "immigrants" in this IT country renamed as Bengalodu!!

To begin with, most of us get handpicked from our college campuses. Most of the times, irrespective of our background/trade of studies we get a job in IT. With a good package being offered we get tempted to land in this city..miles away from our houses. The moment we step on this "karma" bhoomi we become a part of the collective noun called IT engineer. The only thing that makes us stand out of the lot is "our name"..pappu, babloo, pinki, jumbo, gabbar...if u have these kind of names then u can stand out..else u are just a part of the group..lost somewhere in the pile of names.
A typical immigrants life starts with the search for a house. We find a couple of guys with whom we can share the house and then start the hunt. Searching for 2BHKz...avoiding brokers..setting our minimum requirements right! Actually these min requirements are very common in our community..a good clean house, bigger rooms, easily accessible eating joints, preferably close to a house loaded with good looking people of opposite sex (this holds truER for guys) and connectivity to office!! if all of them are met..we move in!!
the first things to b set up in the house are a maid, a cook(sometimes), a set of mattresses and beds and BROADBAND connection. We can live without TV but not without broadband connection. Nowadays most of the companies "enforce" WFH..which officially means work from home...but for bachelors it ends up being work from heaven..where they can sit in their shorts, keep munching something and keep working [ :P ]...for married men WFH can be translated into work from hell..where their wife and kids are always dancing on their head while they are trying to attend calls with people in office [this line has been reproduced ditto from one of my colleagues mouth].
ok..so we are settled..living a cozy life..monday cribbing and going to office!! Now this going to office is a tricky part..needs a lot of research and analysis and I would suggest some1 in local Haravard (Harvarduu), Dharward or any ward or MIT (Mahila Insti of Technology) to pursue his/her PhD. in this. Abstract of the thesis cud b as follows:
From monday to friday..if u leave for office before 8:30-9 then ur avg speed on the road wud b 30-40 kmph..subject to variation with the number of potholes on the way to office! but if u leave between 9:01 and 11:00 then ur avg speed wud b 10-12kmph..if u set off anytime after 11:00 u are a happy soul..u can use the top speed marker of ur vehicle!!
On the way to office, somethings that are bound to happen are:
1) if u are travelling by bus, then ur cell phone, wallet or mp3 player will get stolen..no matter how smart or alert u are..u are blessed to donate!! so take it in a positive note.
2) if u are commuting on a bike, besides the "close to footpath sand slipping" accidents, u are bound to abuse minimum 3 auto guys, get abused by minimum two 4 wheeler guys and ride on the footpath for minimum 1 km.
3) if u have a four wheeler..god bless u..why cant u work from home dude??

The monotony is uniform in this community..reach office, check mail, have coffee..THINK of work,check mail, have lunch, gossip, check mail, have coffee, evening snacks, start work, keep working, work more, feel tired, have coffee, order food, work again...so its 10-11pm...time to start wrapping up things..12:00am we are home! this thing goes in a loop for 5 days a week, for atleast 2 yrs..till u get settled in this industry.
Weekends are rocking for the IT guys, hit the PUBS, booze OR go to discs, booze and dance OR sit at home, booze OR watch movie, booze!! so more or less..booze and do something else!!
Sundays staying hanging from ur bed due to hangover..and monday back to line 78 above!!

this is a lifestyle of a majority of IT guys..but there are some exceptions..those who pursue some sports everyday, those who pump iron or those who do social work (most of them due to profile building for foreign universities). There is a small gentry that goes out for trekkings...not to forget there is a huge chunk that writes MOCK CAT repeatedly year after year on sundays..there is a big crowd that loves to switch jobs every 6 mnths, so they are busy with their walk-ins..and there is a huge janta that is busy with their dating break-up schedule!!!

So in a PROGRAMMING SHELL (not the nut shell) most of us follow the same trodden path atleast for the first 2-3 yrs of our lives...most of us dnt even realise that we are flowing with the stream for so many days...and when we realise we get up to do something big and different! but those who love to flow with the stream and hate unsettlement and change..just appreciate others and write blogs!

P.S: I kno i might have missed the special things "YOU" do..but i was referring to people like me called "us-the IT engineers".

I am reminded of my english teacher who once spanked me coz i used "he" to refer to my dog instead of "IT"..today i understand why she asked me to use "IT" to refer to the dog...coz Bloody all of them are the same too! thanx Mrs. Sachhar!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

doleful me!!

I was asked my favourite band, a band with whom i can relate myself, if not a band then atleast a style of music or a singer...but to my own surprise I didnt have any one to name. This question was shot at me during my campus recruitment interview and even today the wound is as fresh as the first day!! Why cant I love IRON MAIDEN, why cant I die for BRYAN ADAMs, why cant I be a die hard fan of a single kind of music...is there a "loyalty" problem in me?? am i bit too far away from dogs ( known for their loyalty)

While i was busy digging my soul to find the answers I realised that I was enjoying the song being played in my music player..It was a sad song..painful..low spirited heartsick song!! I was amazed that how can a "jolly" person like me can be so "self sadist". Within a flash I copied all my songs to winamp and started scanning the huge list of 4000 songs to find my favourite ones...and guess what...to my SHOCK and AWE and HORROR..most of them...ok let me frank....all of them were doleful!!

For the knowledge of all those who dont know me..I am not at all a loser kind of guy who is busy crying and cribbing for things...never do i get into those female characteristic mood swings and I always love, infact strive hard to make sure that the ambience around me happy-happy. Then why the hell do i like such painful songs...

some of my fav songs are:
0) Fiddler on the Green by Demons and Wizards
1) Bheegi bheegi from Gangster
2) Nothing else matters By Metallica
3) 2 minutes to midnight by Iron Maiden

The list is long but the only common thing among them is that these songs make my soul shiver..arranged in decreasing order of shivering!! Though most of us would love to inform me that some of these songs are not that remorseful but if we go through the lyrics and history/showcasing of each song then we would realise that they do deserve some tears!
Actually I realised some thing while writing the last line above..the word "lyrics"...YES..thats the word...I dont like music..I like the lyrics! For each song i love to listen i love the words presented in a plate with backgrnd music....the heavier the lyrics the more i feel the song and the more i like it..
also in most of them there is a heavy role of guitar too and as i say..."the guitar cries" these songs!!!

Now is this an uncommon trait? is this something unique to me and gr8 enough that i can mention it in my resume?? or is it a common thing that people appreciate lyrics more than the "sound" in it?? So as I find the answers to all this..u ppl enjoy one of my favourite ones!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Let there be LIGHT!!

we are all about burning....we are no more than a freaking candle...one body made of wax...a soul that acts as a wick and the flame of time keeps this flame burning making the wax melt and burn out...the more the wick burns..the more enlightened we are!! to start with, we are a fresh piece of candle..barely able to stand straight..but with time, the wax melts to provide a support to the base and our hold keeps increasing with more wax getting deposited on the base. but there is a quid pro quo here...more the wax on the base...lesser we have around the wick...and we keep growing old! though the flame maintains its strength, the wick and wax start depleting and the only way left for us to maintain our entity is to "ENLIGHTEN" other candles...more the number of candles we help enlighten, more famous and reknowned we are!! its a simple logic...no candle can burn for ever...so its each candle's responsibility to enlighten other candles with its flame..so that "LIGHT" is always there!!

Now that was heavy...very very heavy as per my philosophical standards. Wat i actually wanted to write about was burning the fat on our body...sweating out...staying fit and see wat i ended up writing...

what inspired me to do so is shown below:

i kno i lack focus and direction...and should quit writing!! i promise i will give just few more tries with this writing stuff and if i still fail...i ll bid adieu!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Ola buddies, I am back..after a short stint of hibernation things are going to be wrapped in this polythene again and this time on a more regular basis.

Today on the occasion of completing my 2 years of proffessional life, I thought of straining my greying cells and triggered the contemplative part of my junkyard (aka brain). For 2 years I have been honestly and sincerely serving my company and the company has been equally recriprocating by satisfying my materialistic as well as anyotherilistic desires. But I never dreamed of ending up being a software engineer. My dream was to fly an aeroplane and I have gained enough sensibility to realise that I can never get a license to fly the plane. Then whats my next dream??? whats my goal in life?? where am I heading?? where was I tailing!!

Besides all this, like every normal human being, I get impressed by my surroundings. Its the simple law of stimuli and response which makes me follow the trend in the society. AND what is the society doing nowadays?? where is the IT youth heading??

I have realised that 7 out of 10 ITians are enlightened by the fact that they have to grow. Now out of those 7 only 5 know that they have to do something different, out of the trunk kinds to grow and stand out (of the trunk). Out of those 5 only 3 know what has to be done or can be done. And only 2 out of those 3 take a step ahead. One of those two goes in the technical line, well trodden path of GRE, GMAT, CAT(I hate it) etc etc..whereas the other one does something really different.

Now dont think I am the ONE..whose anagram can result in "NEO". I am still there in the 7 out of 10 category. But this ONE, hereanafter reffered to as NEO..or lets call it ENO, is spreading its wings in this country. I am coming across more and more people who are starting thier own ventures. Most of the ENOs have been following a dream for ages and when IT have empowered them with enough capital to put at stake, they strive towards accomplishing those dreams.

Let me quote some examples of ENO dreams/ideas:

before i begin, I would like to suggest you that kindly dont think twice of stealing any of these ideas and making it your dream. Coz i know and I am dead sure that unless its your own dream/idea you cant pursue it.
1) starting a sports management organisation.
2) starting a general event management organisation.
3) starting an online magazine
4) starting a bike/car modification business
5) starting a website, that makes money
6) starting consultancy, providing views/suggestions from balls to balls (both are different kind of balls)
7) starting an online refferal agency.
8) not to forget, writing blog once in a while (giving credit to myself).

I have seen that to be an ENO, a "fizzzz" factor is a must. The fizz should be strong enough to solve any social gastro problems and should have enough energy to make its way through any oesophagus. Blah blah blah...most important. Eno should have an idea and he/she should work towards it. Most of the times ENO knows that it is heading towards money making, like Microsoft, Apple etc whereas rest of the times it just happens, like orkut, google etc!

French people call these ENOs entrepreneurs but hereon I/we will call them Eno...coz they have got that fizzzz to set the right things right and show the exit to the wrong things!!

Before I end all this let me clarify my stand. I am only in the 7 out of 10 category and if u jump to 5 out of 7 category, i am in the left out 2, sitting cosy on my chair in front of my computer playing ALT-TAB game. Off late I have realised its pretty interesting to play that game. Try it out in your free time! Do nothing. Open your mail in one window and open a social networking site in other and keep pressing ALT-TAB, hoping a new mail or a scrap/message will hit your screen. Also to make this game more interesting. You can press F5 occasionally!! Its not that big a waste of life!!

While I play this game, Hats off to the ENOzzzz...keep it up...keep fizzing!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Better late than never ...ctd..

Enough of USA...let me finish this soon!!! "Back to austin from Dallas with 10kg of shopping, i started packing my bags and before i cud realise it was the day to leave...I loaded my bag with another 10kg of chocolates and flew to India..Austin, Cincinnati, Paris and Bangalore...bang!! I was in india!" Wow....wat a relief...I was so happy to see my friends!! I was so satisfied to be back safe and sound!! End of my second "out of country" trip..."


PS...I once went to Nepal to fetch my cricket ball while playing cricket in Pithoragarh!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Better late than never , Episode 1

Who knows me better than "ME"..I knew i m a lazy lousy fellow who is the king of all procastinators when it comes to writing and thats why i wrapped my blog in a polythene to save it from the dust which will accumulate over it while i m busy avoiding writing :) Now this "Better late than never" soap opera is my attempt to clean that dust!! I am back to India..and before smelling the soil of motherland i did a lot of "masti" which i didn't update...So for my personal records and for all of you who atleast like reading these write ups...here i go!!

Episode 1 starts with my trip to Dallas.... With my one small bag which had 3 pairs of essential clothings i set off for dallas in the famous "greyhound" bus...More than being excited for going to a different city I was joyous for meeting my buddy Abhimanyu..aka Abhi! I had my camera hanging around my neck and I was trying to capture all the scenic moments on the highway..but only god knows when I dozed off! When I opened my eyes I was at the bus stop. I got down..called Abhi and there he was with his sparkling black Accord. With a warm hug and a big smile we started off...We were talking a lot and she was guiding us ..infact trying to guide us. She was hanging to the windscreen of the car and they call it GPS..which for me stood for GOD Please Shutup...In her cranking nasal voice she tried a lot to ensure we reach "Six Flags" through the shortest route but we were hell bent on testing its "Recalculating" strategies.. Six Flags is an amusement park like our Essel world, wonderla etc etc..But it boasts of having some of the world's biggest and steepest rides...mind u ...they were being compared at the WORLD level....and that was a good enough reason for us to take those rides... I wont bug u with all the description of rides but one of them is worth mentioning...Its a roller coaster which is freaking 150-200ft high and has a fall of 70 degrees...till we sat in that ride we were in dilemma to do it or not...we gave many reasons to convince each other for that ride but the only reason that made us sit in that ride was that we were standing in the queue...AND it was our turn...All buckled up the roller coaster treaded slowly towards the top from where it had to start the "death fall"..a steep 70 degrees ensured that we cant see the guy in frnt of us..and the height was enough to make us breath as much air in a second as much ...ok forget it..we stopped breathing..the coaster fell and I could barely see the ground closing in...MUMMY...and i closed the eyes :) we fell fell fell...and i realise how humpty dumpty would be feeling after being falling for years now !!
but soon my pocket made me realise that i m wasting my dollars if i close my eyes...i opened them..and man...we were zooming at 170-200kmph...so so so so fast...that i could see myself at 2 points on the coaster at the same time.. exaggeration unintended! Though I am supposed to take many more enthralling RIDES in my life ahead...but this one was "class apart"

Six flags ended with both of dehydrating !! We started our search for a motel and after a couple of hours of rest and masti at "Swami Ji's" motel we set off to "Madras pavillion" which promised to provide us the best of Indian food in Dallas! before i proceed further i would like to confess something... Swami ji incase u read this write up..we would like to apologise for breaking ur bed in course of our summer sault photography stint!!

At night we went to Dallas downtown and bottom line is...it sucks!! Next day we went to Dallas's Outlet malls..did a whooping shopping of 500-700$ and thats the end of Dallas!!
Back to Austin I still shivered thinking of the roller coaster ride...
and yes..lest i forget I loved the ride in Abhi's car...We were frnds for yrs now...and we never dreamt of sitting in a "BIG" car playing our fav songs esp "Fanna from Yuva" and zooming on freeways in USA...Love u Abhi for all the fun we had

P.S. I AM STRAIGHT...dead straight...u can use me as a ruler to draw straight lines at times..so the love is not wat u pervert is thinking :)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

If football was any easier it would be called dance!!

Ok fellow mortals...today we talk about dancing on the football. Many call it freestyle soccer, in Brazil its known as Futsal and for others its just skills. Incase you guys are perplexed about wat i am talking watch the following video and then we ll proceed further....

So now that you are mesmerised by the skill level of these footballers you must be intrigued by the fact that why are these guys not in big leagues or famous teams. They have got an amazing ball control and many of them can stick the ball to their body like a nail to a magnet then why are they not out their on the grass...I was troubled by this for a very very long time... and I was sure I am ignorant of the fact that these freestylers are playing for some league before i met George. George's name is pronounced as HORHE as he is a Brazilian and he is a great free styler.

I reached the ground and saw this guy juggling the ball. He was standing on the small cemented piece of land near the changing room and playing there... I have played with him on the ground earlier and he was an above average player but when I saw his skills I was highly impressed. Post handshake and normal obligatory remarks I asked him to teach some to me and he did try to ...but i m too slow for it!!
When we were busy juggling I asked him that since you guys have superb ball control then you all should be extremely outstanding on the ground. This indeed made his eyebrows shrink and his eyes were asking me..AM i not good?? I thought its better to b more precise and lucid before he stops passing me the ball in the game! So I reframed my question but again I meant the same...he smiled and gave an explanation which many of us have never thought of...

First of all...freestylers are players of dead ball which they juggle or play with at more or less the same spot whereas you cant stay at a place in the game for more than a second.
Secondly freestylers mostly practice on hard land so that they get enough push to make their fast moves whereas grass sucks you in. I agree to that fact..I have played both on the hard ground with no grass and a soft one with grass and believe me the game is very different. The ball goes dead on grass after a bounce and it slides faster. Also the grass doesnt push the player to run forward so one has to make more effort which is tiring!
The third point which he told was that the field game is more about making right moves, understadning your team mate, passing the ball accurately and swiftly...whereas in freestyle none of this involved. In freestyle you are the ruler of your mind and legs so u can play the way you want.
Lastly and may b very leastly...he said that freestyle footballers have pretty flexible legs which make their kicks and passes bit weak. I dont agree to this as George is one of the better players in the league...
Besides all these negatives the biggest positive of freestyle is that it helps build a chemistry between you and the ball. You get more control and you can think fast to get your next move right!!

So Billy (one of the best freestylers in world) is a good ball player but not a great football player...the video below justifies all!! Happy freestyling!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

God of ball things!!

He is a living legend..Born in 1972...will never die!
He swirls on the ball like a swing dancer swirling on a floor..who says one shud know samba dance to b a good footballer...u shud know...ZIDANCE..if u can do it..u ll smoke the grass off!
His patience has no bounds...he waits for the ball to be as free as a bird on its first flight! and then bang!!
He sees a ball 0.6 seconds before any other living player! So in a game when an average player has ball possession for maximum 3 minutes in the whole 90 minute game then you can imagine..saving 0.6 seconds is like giving u additional "extra time" in ur favour!!
And last but not the least....all those who think he stained his repo by that head butt thing...i wud just say one thing!! get on the ground..run for 90 minutes in the most crucial game of ur life...and then get ur sister abused by a "gay coward"...if u are a man...u ll retaliate...else u dnt have the balls to stand up for ur reputation!!
hats off to u GOD!!

watch more:

making of the god:

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Mr and Mrs. Irwin

Prescience…premonition…foresight…these are all synonyms which hypothetically exist in real world but the day you feel them they give you the best high!! Don’t think I am a part of Final Destination series now…neither did I experience déjà vu…Today I just saw how a man is when he has everything what I have always aimed for..
When we talk of my little puny mind…I have at max aimed of being a guy with a good house, owner of a great car, a good wife esp the one I love(caste creed no bar), all kinds of electronic gadgets at home, rooms customized for my indoor activities like playing guitar or probably drums, having a good sports bike and enough money to support all this…
And I m sure not many of the college pass outs would have thought way beyond this…particularly for me it’s a point in life where I ll b satiated and then think…now what else to do in this life besides breathing!!!

I am talking all this and revealing all my aspirations coz today I met this guy who is at this point… to be honest at a point where I pine to reach!!

Call him Naveen Charles or Irwin… it doesn’t change what he is…special thanx to shake spear uncle who said “wats in the name”…. He is a very warm guy whom I befriended on the soccer field. He has a gorgeous wife who has a very friendly nature and they are complete as a couple. Besides the warm, amicable, gentle nature, both of them have faced many situations which I think I would be facing someday later…that’s one more reason I think I am somehow analogous to them ;)
Now talking of more materialistic things…he had a bike.. a Yamaha R6…I just saw some pics..and I bet…the fish eyes of the bike can beat any pair of cat eyes hands down. Then while describing his riding experiences he told me that there is a technology that sucks in all the breakable parts of the bike once they face a heavy impact due to a sudden unfortunate fall!! Also there were few tricks and tips discussed about riding heavy bikes.

That was what he HAD…now let me come to what he HAS.…. An SUV…that’s normal…then lets not get it into the elite league…

Here we enter his house from the garage door….House is big big and beautiful! 2 floors..and it has everything u want in your house…besides the cave man needs of bed room bathroom kitchen drawing room etc…there is a special entertainment room. It has an inbuilt wiring for projectors sound systems etc and I think the room has been designed keeping acoustics in mind!! And guess wat he has in that room…naaa…no flat TV..he has a 5 piece drum there which has many parts about which he told and my puny brain forgot all the terms…

Coming down… he has a superb music system connected to a mini mac…which plays the itunes like mad… infact the music system is placed guarding the fireplace…so I was just wondering wat a pleasant scene it would be..when it will b snowing outside and you are sitting next to fire with light music and drinks and ofcourse your spouse with u!! ahem ahem….really interesting!!

Then comes the gun he owns…hope he has the licence coz I m mentioning it here. It can kill a man from a distance less than 3 miles and more than 4 feet….less than 4 feet u are safe coz u wont b in front of the nozzle u c ;) It’s a nice gun which he can use for hunting and it is allowed in US… Also as told to me you can kill a guy in texas if he dares to trespass your property….how dare you use my toilet…dhiskiaun!!!

Wat else to mention…he cooks delicious chicken and his wife, Vani, forgot to mention her name, gives him solid competition in cooking!! I still can taste chicken on my half of jaw while the right is craving for more of sambar and cabbage!!

Now comes the big B….tan tadan tadan tadan….here comes the B…B for BMW…he owns a BMW 300 series…a car that is loaded with as many features as hair on my head.
GPS, ABS,surround sound and steering wheel controller etc are there even in a carpenter’s car even if he doesn’t have to do anything with the car!! But a GPS that can talk, a car that responds to vibrations in vocal chord…that’s something amazing!! Seats that adjust to the shape of your back, head lights that turn with your eyeballs, steering that takes care of the free drive, run flat tyres, finger sensor door locks, tracker in the car, personal temperature controller…..ok if all this sounds Angolian to u…let me explain!!
Seats have air bags in them…u rest on them and then push the button…air is sucked in and the seat takes the shape of your back...so now you know where to test the size of a shirt for the person who was sitting in your BMW next to you or may b u can get measures of sm1z waist !!
Head light turns left if u turn left and it turns right if you turn right…it’s as simple as seeing straight!! If you can’t understand this…. You are squint eyed for sure!!
Now this one is interesting…if you are going fast fast super fast on a highway and u just move ur steering a bit…a normal car will sway like hell…so this car has this steering technology that makes sure that at high speeds ur steering needs more rotations to take a small turn…and vice versa for slow motion!! Ain’t that impressive!!
RFT…as they call it...run flat tyres...they are indeed tubeless….but they can run for miles even if they are flat…as a result…there is no spare tyre which gives u the luxury of keeping an ice box in the boot!!
Finger sensor door locks….it senses your finger or I think finger print…and it locks unlocks the door and the boot!!
Tracker in the car…a more layman definition of “where is my car”…some1 has stolen your BMW…its ok ….call BMW…they ll find it!!
After all these high fi technology there is this pretty ordinary sounding technology which can be called personal temperature controller…u are cool…so u need hotter air…whereas she is hot….give her a cool breeze…set the temperature at your seat…and it works within seconds!!
Besides all these gizmos…there are things like…the motion control of the rear view and side view mirrors…even at reverse gear it changes angle to give u a view of your rear tyre as well as the blind spot!!

So this car rocks…and so does the life of this man… I went to dinner with this dude and finally realized that socializing is good especially when it helps you give a clear vision of where you are heading!! May god bless this guy a lot of more fun and whatever he desires…that might get me a view of where I am heading!!

A dinner well eaten and an evening well spent!! Burpppp…time to sleep!!

Sunday, May 6, 2007


We are nation of 1 billion people, a $1 trillion economy, a $1,000 per capita income. That’s the way we should think. We are not far from it!!! This was the buzz line in India
last night…When the Indian rupee was busy appreciating below 41 mark against the dollar I was providing it a helping hand by flaunting the spending power of Indian youth.

I was at Downtown.

Though the name is Downtown but the life is really on a high here…Series of clubs discos pubs …The happening street in Downtown is 6th street. The street is surrounded by multi storied buildings which are desperately trying to hide the sin street from the eyes of the god. The clubs are like street vendors in India…yelling their speciality and trying to lure the passer bys to enter.. Though no discounts are offered ;) Unlike India there was no mandatory couple entry and no cover charges for entry…and the sole reason for this is that these clubs have bigger bouncers. Some of them were part time WWE fighters… We reached there by 10:30pm…nothing really was happening and parking slots were unoccupied.. Our main goal was to roam around and get a good dinner…We went in the “Dine” and made sure we utilize our free meal coupons to the best...we came out at 11:15 or so…and u wont believe…there was a flood… a flood of young guys and gals each flaunting the charisma of their wardrobe, their smell yelling in the nose to attract each pair of eyes in the street and their style driving the free lance photographers crazy…. And in this flood we were just floating…Unaware of the direction in which we were heading we kept walking and hopping. Yup…you read it right …“hopping” …Club hopping is one of the major fancies of people here…You just show ur id proof to prove that you are above 21, enter the club, roam around, and then come out...to enter the next…so we literally hop from one club to another…hop hop hop…we hopped a lot…and finally wen we were tired… We drove back home!! On the way back we saw millions of cops on bikes cars helicopters…just hovering arnd to make sure the city is safe….I was astounded by the fact that such a huge area was hip and happening throughout the night and there are no restrictions…instead of forcing the people to follow guidelines of the government…the government was taking pains and making sure that things don’t go wrong…whereas in India there are rules of “shutters down” by 11 o clock at some places…People are forced to be at home when they don’t want to b…they are forced not to watch and listen and infact read what a brotherhood doesn’t want them to read…India is a democratic country…of the people for the people and by the people…the only point which was never mentioned is…who are these people??? But still..I love India… its free of many ills of this country because of such rules…u c its just a double edged sword!! So now when India seems to have grown economically its time that people break out of their mental shells of caste, creed etc etc etc…A bunch of “publicity hungry” people shud stop creating nuisance on trivial issues and may the people be allowed to celebrate Valentine’s day as happily as Diwali or Id ;) No more gyaan as it was my life’s most happening weekend and I am ending it on a happy note…

PS: For more details abt the happenings…buy me a coffee!! Therez a lot to tell…

Sunday, April 15, 2007

mount bonnell !! knell on the knoll!!

Sitting unshaven, watching “Batman Beyond” or sometimes “Friends” was becoming my heartbeat when we just thought of going to a place called Mount Bonnell. Wat the hell..a tourist spot!! Though there was something within me which was telling me not to go but still I had nothing better to do. We fired some printouts for the route, just 9 miles away, 20 min drive!!

Ok..we got out of bed, in a second we were in car and on our way to one of the oldest and highest points in Austin. It has a lake which has been a tourist attraction for ages. There are houses next to the lake or infact in the middle of the lake and people do speed boating there. This was the quick piece of info which Google gave me. The funniest piece of info which I got is that there are 99 steps to the top..theres nothing funny in it..isnt it!! But its said that these steps have enchanting qualities and if a couple climbs them once they fall in love, if they climb them twice they get engaged and if they climb it thrice they are destined to get married…Is there any place like this in India. Our Bhartiya sanskriti wont even allow any such place to exist where u can fall in love and then dnt get engaged..or get engaged and then dnt get married…Hawji hawji aunties will gather all arnd u!

With the map in my hand I was sitting in the front trying to guide Uma but here we were…lost in the jungle. This was the hilly part of Austin and had pretty good vegetation. Nowhere to go, no one to ask. We set back to start from where we thought we faltered and god saved us. Though we were trying to return to some place, we again lost track and reached Mount Bonnell.

What an amazing beauty. A big big lake, with a big big bridge over it. Speed boats cruising, houses besides the lake. Infact there were some houses which were surrounded by lake water from all four sides, where were the foundations? Or were they boat houses kinda things standing on Bamboo sticks!! How do they bear the notorious thunderstorms of Austin…

There was nothing much to describe except few bike races which I saw on that highway! Or a gang of Harleys which I tried to capture but they were bloody so fast that I got only one blurred thing in the camera!!

Pictures have been uploaded at…


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ohhhh I just love her ...love her more than U

Guess wat guys..she never leaves me…wherever I go god somehow makes me come across her…She always stays up there but dnt kno why she always come down there too!! I am not saying that I don’t love her..infact I know ...I guess I am born for her..She is indeed my first love, my first gal frn …My mom used to tell me that when I was abt to be born…my dad took my mom to watch a football match and a ball landed at her feet which infact my dad kicked away but I guess that was where I made the first touch ;) ..but who knew there were many many more to come!!Yes guys I am talking about soccer as they call it here…and football as it is popularly known as!!

Yesterday after a hectic day I thought of unwinding by hitting this free gym in the housing complex..went there…found no one n that’s why I went out for a stroll. I was walking when I heard this thump…it was like my heart beat…n I knew it was a football kicked hard…I ran in that direction!! Reached the ground and saw a whole bunch or guys and GALS playing soccer…man o man…I was so happy… But I didn’t have any soccer kit with me….and there were loads of players who were already playing…I waited for a while..but no luck..
The flood lights were On…the ground had more dew twinkling than sky had stars..and I was loving to sit there idle doing nothing except just playing with a small football lying outside this ground…n then I hear this guy shout, tumble and he was lying flat on the ground! I thought gone…he was just one of those who tend to get injured on the field…BIG DEAL!! But it was a big deal…they didn’t have a substitute and guess who was called in…yeahhhhhh no prizes for guessing!!

I ran in ….5 minutes on…was running like a mad guy..they were using their lingo to call for passes…before I cud decipher wat they were talking a miss pass landed at my feet…3 men to dodge…and a gal as well…and the ball was in the goal!! I didn’t kno I scored the leveler and the game ended in a draw…I was invited to join this league. When I got into the details I was told this is IBM Club soccer team..they have an grouping of 16 teams..the better off players go to A league..and the ok ok kinds go to the B league!!
Each league has 8 teams…who compete once in a week and it’s a proper formulated game that goes on!! I played for a B league team who had a continuous losing track of 8 games in a row..and I broke the jinx..captain was an Indian! He invited me to join the team! I thought…why B league..why not A!

Got the contact of A league…pinged the guy at 4:00 pm today and he told..come on the ground at 8:15pm with ur soccer kit!! Now where do I get a soccer kit from..loads of PMR junk to dispose..I thought today’s game is gone..while I was consoling myself..trying to dig my head into the box…incame one of my team mates..he asked…there is this sports store called academy where there is a sale going on only for today…I am going there..can u take care of my work…I jumped off my seat…with each breath I was thanking god…my each heart beat was a hymn in thy praise!! I jumped in his car…went there..n in 15 min and 25$ I had a pair of Puma soccer shoes, a pair of adidas socks and a pair of adidas shorts. That was a steal!!!

I finished off my work at 7:30pm. Ran home like a dog…reached there by 7:45pm…took some breaths..changed clothes..left home at 8:05pm and I was on ground at 8:15pm…panting sweating already tired…I met the guy who invited me to the ground…he asked…why are u so sweating..everything OKIE…I just handled it nicely…told him just had a warm up jog..did some stretching..so I m sweating…he said..Man o man…u seem to b a pro…only I knew how much under the ground I was!!

Game started…game ended!!

I scored a goal..header from a free kick!! We won 2-0 …I was on the team’s list which is more than nirvana for me!! Nothing worth mentioning abt the game...except..the captain called me their team's Ronaldinho!! I am not all that toothed or dark or ugly..am I ;)

Ohh god..why am I so addicted to her..nvr let me get rid of her!! If I am Ashish..she is my HASHISH…she gives me the best high...I love her the most…even much more than….

Sunday, April 8, 2007

happy waala easter

Easter, n half of USA was closed, half of the other half was celebrating weekend but still whatever was remaining was enough for us to motivate out of beds to break the ennui!!

We did fitaelgiri. Now wats fitaelgiri..its a game…n the first rule of fitaelgiri is that u don’t think about fitaelgiri, the second rule about fitaelgiri is that you DON’T think abt fitaelgiri..the third rule is that u just roam arnd without any purpose. Petrol is cheap here but still not cheap enough to be wasted like the way we did..Thanks to Uma for his kind gesture to show me some real beautiful places!

Ok no money to guess that I watched “fight club”. No aspersions on its standing close to Usual suspects, Matrix etc in imdb.com. Thought of going to some places known for electronics goods, shoes etc etc…everything closed. Still me n Uma ventured out. This time I took the camera along..thank god! I always had this desire of showing the readers what I am seeing…coz I kno they cant see through my eyes which already have glasses and are colour blind..
Here is the set of pics taken and few videos with U certificate…


PS: each pic uploaded twice by mistake…no patience to delete each one separately..plz bear with me…and yes I am not trying to ENFORCE any thought by two pics!

The pictures are self explanatory n even videos shud b but still let me jst tell smthng abt them..


This first one is a view from my balcony, capturing majorly a road that comes out of a college and which bears screaching tires and zooming modified four wheelers..today being Sunday captured nothing but a white lancer at moderate speed!! Will try to gather sm big ones later!!

These ones are special..they show wat I tried to describe in heaven o heaven writeup…video speaks clearer than words..

An hour well spent..n do watch Fight club..its not at all an action movie!!

Friday, April 6, 2007

heaven o heaven !!

Just when the lyrics of “comfortably numb” were coming true for me I found company!! My days were passing like months..getting up at 8:30ish..reaching office by 10ish…lunching outside by 12ish..coming home by 6ish…n then sitting at home munching and watching online movies! This monotony was getting on me!! When I was abt to commit suicide there she came!! Though she was round but still I have always loved such things on this planet..it was colourful still naked..sparkling clean and even the tag wasn’t removed. It was nothing but a volleyball! My office mates were going to play and I joined them. I really didn’t kno that wat I saw cud have really existed..

The ground was behind our office n I never knew that. The road which we took to the ground was a B E A utiful road..straight out of an NFS game..meandering, rising to a height at such an angle that you can’t guess whats there besides the top..and then a steep steep slope.. My colleagues told that they call this place Switzerland..but I wud say they wudn’t have been exaggerating if they called it “Stairway to heaven”. Simply amazing!
Just imagine…lush green ground on both sides which stretches till horizon, sparsely placed trees with blue and yellow flowers on them, cool breeze gushing through, clouds and sun playing hide and seek..and amidst all this..a Mercedes SUV cruising on a meandering rising sloping road…I LOVED IT

And then we reached this ground..I couldn’t have imagined that IBM cares so much for its employees. A lush green ground..with flood lights enlightening your mind more than the ground. There was a big football ground, 2 baski courts, 4 lawn tennis courts and our destination..the sand volleyball court! Infact I should say, beach volleyball court. We were 6, so 3 a side game of beach volleyball! Diving, jumping, taking the shots in air and talking in hindi!! Cracking our kind of non veg jokes, MC-BC, etc etc!!

This evening’s setting sun burnt a mark on my mind like no other candle could have done. I LOVED IT.

Besides this I didn’t do much today, except changing Uma’s car’s flat tyre and ya..forgot to mention!!
I went to a gas station..and guess wat came behind our car. While Uma was filling gas in his car, I was busy appreciating her. And infact I didn’t kno which of the two ladies was more beautiful. One was a lady, I guess Mexican/Latin. That wheatish white skin which was not at all exposed. Wearing normal clothes, a short t and a fitting jeans with those cowboy kinda shoes. Must b 6ft tall and I bet she can beet any Aish etc hands down. And the other lady with which she came was short, may b 4 ft tall, wearing black with shades of fire on it. The alloys were yellowish and her name was porshce carrera 911 gt! Pheeww…when she roared…I got an……man o man!! A carrera n that too modified…thushar I missed u so much!! Man it was straight out of our NFS..copy paste kinds!!while writing this I still can see it taking that super sharp cut so smoothly n then before switching off the engine taking that last deep breath…vrrrrroooooooom!!

In a nut shell, a day well lived…I love u god to have sent me to this planet as a human!