Saturday, July 28, 2007


Bangalore is flooded with them, so is hyderabad and gurgaon and noida etc etc..Dont know abt the other cities but in Bangalore most of them live the same life. Yesterday a bunch of juniors from my college landed in bangalore, with offer from MNCz in hand and a decent salary, decent enough to support an above average lifestyle. They were looking for a 2BHK, which has some facilities and while talking to them they revealed that they had a "talli" (aka booze) party last night!

I was being pushed back in time. Nostalgia made me realize that Bloody all of us are the same. We start from the same point and grow up the ladder in the same manner! I dont know abt the ones who are staying here with families and all..infact i pity them coz they are missing the best fun one can have...but I am majorly talking abt we "immigrants" in this IT country renamed as Bengalodu!!

To begin with, most of us get handpicked from our college campuses. Most of the times, irrespective of our background/trade of studies we get a job in IT. With a good package being offered we get tempted to land in this city..miles away from our houses. The moment we step on this "karma" bhoomi we become a part of the collective noun called IT engineer. The only thing that makes us stand out of the lot is "our name"..pappu, babloo, pinki, jumbo, gabbar...if u have these kind of names then u can stand out..else u are just a part of the group..lost somewhere in the pile of names.
A typical immigrants life starts with the search for a house. We find a couple of guys with whom we can share the house and then start the hunt. Searching for 2BHKz...avoiding brokers..setting our minimum requirements right! Actually these min requirements are very common in our community..a good clean house, bigger rooms, easily accessible eating joints, preferably close to a house loaded with good looking people of opposite sex (this holds truER for guys) and connectivity to office!! if all of them are met..we move in!!
the first things to b set up in the house are a maid, a cook(sometimes), a set of mattresses and beds and BROADBAND connection. We can live without TV but not without broadband connection. Nowadays most of the companies "enforce" WFH..which officially means work from home...but for bachelors it ends up being work from heaven..where they can sit in their shorts, keep munching something and keep working [ :P ]...for married men WFH can be translated into work from hell..where their wife and kids are always dancing on their head while they are trying to attend calls with people in office [this line has been reproduced ditto from one of my colleagues mouth]. we are a cozy life..monday cribbing and going to office!! Now this going to office is a tricky part..needs a lot of research and analysis and I would suggest some1 in local Haravard (Harvarduu), Dharward or any ward or MIT (Mahila Insti of Technology) to pursue his/her PhD. in this. Abstract of the thesis cud b as follows:
From monday to friday..if u leave for office before 8:30-9 then ur avg speed on the road wud b 30-40 kmph..subject to variation with the number of potholes on the way to office! but if u leave between 9:01 and 11:00 then ur avg speed wud b 10-12kmph..if u set off anytime after 11:00 u are a happy soul..u can use the top speed marker of ur vehicle!!
On the way to office, somethings that are bound to happen are:
1) if u are travelling by bus, then ur cell phone, wallet or mp3 player will get matter how smart or alert u are..u are blessed to donate!! so take it in a positive note.
2) if u are commuting on a bike, besides the "close to footpath sand slipping" accidents, u are bound to abuse minimum 3 auto guys, get abused by minimum two 4 wheeler guys and ride on the footpath for minimum 1 km.
3) if u have a four wheeler..god bless u..why cant u work from home dude??

The monotony is uniform in this community..reach office, check mail, have coffee..THINK of work,check mail, have lunch, gossip, check mail, have coffee, evening snacks, start work, keep working, work more, feel tired, have coffee, order food, work its 10-11pm...time to start wrapping up things..12:00am we are home! this thing goes in a loop for 5 days a week, for atleast 2 yrs..till u get settled in this industry.
Weekends are rocking for the IT guys, hit the PUBS, booze OR go to discs, booze and dance OR sit at home, booze OR watch movie, booze!! so more or less..booze and do something else!!
Sundays staying hanging from ur bed due to hangover..and monday back to line 78 above!!

this is a lifestyle of a majority of IT guys..but there are some exceptions..those who pursue some sports everyday, those who pump iron or those who do social work (most of them due to profile building for foreign universities). There is a small gentry that goes out for trekkings...not to forget there is a huge chunk that writes MOCK CAT repeatedly year after year on sundays..there is a big crowd that loves to switch jobs every 6 mnths, so they are busy with their walk-ins..and there is a huge janta that is busy with their dating break-up schedule!!!

So in a PROGRAMMING SHELL (not the nut shell) most of us follow the same trodden path atleast for the first 2-3 yrs of our lives...most of us dnt even realise that we are flowing with the stream for so many days...and when we realise we get up to do something big and different! but those who love to flow with the stream and hate unsettlement and change..just appreciate others and write blogs!

P.S: I kno i might have missed the special things "YOU" do..but i was referring to people like me called "us-the IT engineers".

I am reminded of my english teacher who once spanked me coz i used "he" to refer to my dog instead of "IT" i understand why she asked me to use "IT" to refer to the dog...coz Bloody all of them are the same too! thanx Mrs. Sachhar!


Varun Sadana said...

dude pretty neatly done! that was all real!

thushar said...

ho hum :)

namyata said...

peppered mundane realties...kewl!

aastha said... very neatly u described d details of d IT dogs..i mean guys..mrs sachhar pinpointed u out on such a ryt note..
all thanks to her..or else u wld have never learned dat IT "has to be" used wid dogs..

Abhimanyu Girotra, Dunbar the Earldom. said...

You have come of age Nainwal!!!