Saturday, July 14, 2007


Ola buddies, I am back..after a short stint of hibernation things are going to be wrapped in this polythene again and this time on a more regular basis.

Today on the occasion of completing my 2 years of proffessional life, I thought of straining my greying cells and triggered the contemplative part of my junkyard (aka brain). For 2 years I have been honestly and sincerely serving my company and the company has been equally recriprocating by satisfying my materialistic as well as anyotherilistic desires. But I never dreamed of ending up being a software engineer. My dream was to fly an aeroplane and I have gained enough sensibility to realise that I can never get a license to fly the plane. Then whats my next dream??? whats my goal in life?? where am I heading?? where was I tailing!!

Besides all this, like every normal human being, I get impressed by my surroundings. Its the simple law of stimuli and response which makes me follow the trend in the society. AND what is the society doing nowadays?? where is the IT youth heading??

I have realised that 7 out of 10 ITians are enlightened by the fact that they have to grow. Now out of those 7 only 5 know that they have to do something different, out of the trunk kinds to grow and stand out (of the trunk). Out of those 5 only 3 know what has to be done or can be done. And only 2 out of those 3 take a step ahead. One of those two goes in the technical line, well trodden path of GRE, GMAT, CAT(I hate it) etc etc..whereas the other one does something really different.

Now dont think I am the ONE..whose anagram can result in "NEO". I am still there in the 7 out of 10 category. But this ONE, hereanafter reffered to as NEO..or lets call it ENO, is spreading its wings in this country. I am coming across more and more people who are starting thier own ventures. Most of the ENOs have been following a dream for ages and when IT have empowered them with enough capital to put at stake, they strive towards accomplishing those dreams.

Let me quote some examples of ENO dreams/ideas:

before i begin, I would like to suggest you that kindly dont think twice of stealing any of these ideas and making it your dream. Coz i know and I am dead sure that unless its your own dream/idea you cant pursue it.
1) starting a sports management organisation.
2) starting a general event management organisation.
3) starting an online magazine
4) starting a bike/car modification business
5) starting a website, that makes money
6) starting consultancy, providing views/suggestions from balls to balls (both are different kind of balls)
7) starting an online refferal agency.
8) not to forget, writing blog once in a while (giving credit to myself).

I have seen that to be an ENO, a "fizzzz" factor is a must. The fizz should be strong enough to solve any social gastro problems and should have enough energy to make its way through any oesophagus. Blah blah blah...most important. Eno should have an idea and he/she should work towards it. Most of the times ENO knows that it is heading towards money making, like Microsoft, Apple etc whereas rest of the times it just happens, like orkut, google etc!

French people call these ENOs entrepreneurs but hereon I/we will call them Eno...coz they have got that fizzzz to set the right things right and show the exit to the wrong things!!

Before I end all this let me clarify my stand. I am only in the 7 out of 10 category and if u jump to 5 out of 7 category, i am in the left out 2, sitting cosy on my chair in front of my computer playing ALT-TAB game. Off late I have realised its pretty interesting to play that game. Try it out in your free time! Do nothing. Open your mail in one window and open a social networking site in other and keep pressing ALT-TAB, hoping a new mail or a scrap/message will hit your screen. Also to make this game more interesting. You can press F5 occasionally!! Its not that big a waste of life!!

While I play this game, Hats off to the ENOzzzz...keep it up...keep fizzing!


Carrot said...

hmmm!! ENO is a good terminology..
I liked it! Hope one day u become one too! That day one request dont forget your friends.

Abhimanyu Girotra, still alive. said...

Abhimanyu---> Nainwal you rock, you are the 1 out of the 2.

Sindhu said...

"out of the 'box' " is the phrase and u say outta the "trunk".. you stand out buddy..
we left a scar too.. i see some anagram here :)

wrappedinapolythene said...

why don't gals leave even a pinch of a chance to get even a pixel of credit!! anagrams ...

allheartman said...

Good One dude! :-)

priyanka said...

really nice one dude!!finally read it....b but u flicked tis frm my blog....din ya?;p

So So said...

Good post, and writing abilities, Bade babu!

Any recession/depression triggers a lot of creativity - and one of the sounding reasons of more and more ventures sticking their necks out these days is the recession.

I am not too much in favour of the fizz, except for the initial part of the venture. The fizz, which is a good term you used, ud jaata hai in no time! The perseverance, however, matters!

Just my thoughts and experience, though!