Thursday, May 17, 2007

God of ball things!!

He is a living legend..Born in 1972...will never die!
He swirls on the ball like a swing dancer swirling on a floor..who says one shud know samba dance to b a good footballer...u shud know...ZIDANCE..if u can do it..u ll smoke the grass off!
His patience has no bounds...he waits for the ball to be as free as a bird on its first flight! and then bang!!
He sees a ball 0.6 seconds before any other living player! So in a game when an average player has ball possession for maximum 3 minutes in the whole 90 minute game then you can imagine..saving 0.6 seconds is like giving u additional "extra time" in ur favour!!
And last but not the least....all those who think he stained his repo by that head butt thing...i wud just say one thing!! get on the for 90 minutes in the most crucial game of ur life...and then get ur sister abused by a "gay coward"...if u are a man...u ll retaliate...else u dnt have the balls to stand up for ur reputation!!
hats off to u GOD!!

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Varun Sadana said...

Phew!!! <-- this phew is different from the one i have used in some time of my history!

thushar said...

liked the last line...way to go

Varun Sadana said...

Dude, everything was going fine, until I read the head butt thing. I have always admired Zizou, except for this one thing. And defending him like you did in the blog, only aggravates his wrong doing. Saying something like "last match" and "swearing" and "pressure".. it isnt a game we are playing in the ground in btm, this is world cup final. A question, had it been france winning at that time, would the same would have applied? even if materazzi sweared more. Hell No. so it came to the pressure. Now, sure he could have avoided it, and sure, he somewhere in his mind he would have had that thing, if only he didnt do it. Frankly, u never know, maybe he would won the cup for them.
Anyways.. Zizou is zizou. But for once, people should accept that the head butt could have been avoided.

wrappedinapolythene said...

it wasnt wrong at all...though it cant b justified right as well...but u c...god always leaves its children in doubt over the right or wrong ;)

thushar said...

yeah...keep squabbling...and reply nonsense for!!