Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ohhhh I just love her her more than U

Guess wat guys..she never leaves me…wherever I go god somehow makes me come across her…She always stays up there but dnt kno why she always come down there too!! I am not saying that I don’t love her..infact I know ...I guess I am born for her..She is indeed my first love, my first gal frn …My mom used to tell me that when I was abt to be born…my dad took my mom to watch a football match and a ball landed at her feet which infact my dad kicked away but I guess that was where I made the first touch ;) ..but who knew there were many many more to come!!Yes guys I am talking about soccer as they call it here…and football as it is popularly known as!!

Yesterday after a hectic day I thought of unwinding by hitting this free gym in the housing complex..went there…found no one n that’s why I went out for a stroll. I was walking when I heard this thump…it was like my heart beat…n I knew it was a football kicked hard…I ran in that direction!! Reached the ground and saw a whole bunch or guys and GALS playing soccer…man o man…I was so happy… But I didn’t have any soccer kit with me….and there were loads of players who were already playing…I waited for a while..but no luck..
The flood lights were On…the ground had more dew twinkling than sky had stars..and I was loving to sit there idle doing nothing except just playing with a small football lying outside this ground…n then I hear this guy shout, tumble and he was lying flat on the ground! I thought gone…he was just one of those who tend to get injured on the field…BIG DEAL!! But it was a big deal…they didn’t have a substitute and guess who was called in…yeahhhhhh no prizes for guessing!!

I ran in ….5 minutes on…was running like a mad guy..they were using their lingo to call for passes…before I cud decipher wat they were talking a miss pass landed at my feet…3 men to dodge…and a gal as well…and the ball was in the goal!! I didn’t kno I scored the leveler and the game ended in a draw…I was invited to join this league. When I got into the details I was told this is IBM Club soccer team..they have an grouping of 16 teams..the better off players go to A league..and the ok ok kinds go to the B league!!
Each league has 8 teams…who compete once in a week and it’s a proper formulated game that goes on!! I played for a B league team who had a continuous losing track of 8 games in a row..and I broke the jinx..captain was an Indian! He invited me to join the team! I thought…why B league..why not A!

Got the contact of A league…pinged the guy at 4:00 pm today and he told..come on the ground at 8:15pm with ur soccer kit!! Now where do I get a soccer kit from..loads of PMR junk to dispose..I thought today’s game is gone..while I was consoling myself..trying to dig my head into the box…incame one of my team mates..he asked…there is this sports store called academy where there is a sale going on only for today…I am going there..can u take care of my work…I jumped off my seat…with each breath I was thanking god…my each heart beat was a hymn in thy praise!! I jumped in his car…went there..n in 15 min and 25$ I had a pair of Puma soccer shoes, a pair of adidas socks and a pair of adidas shorts. That was a steal!!!

I finished off my work at 7:30pm. Ran home like a dog…reached there by 7:45pm…took some breaths..changed clothes..left home at 8:05pm and I was on ground at 8:15pm…panting sweating already tired…I met the guy who invited me to the ground…he asked…why are u so sweating..everything OKIE…I just handled it nicely…told him just had a warm up jog..did some I m sweating…he said..Man o man…u seem to b a pro…only I knew how much under the ground I was!!

Game started…game ended!!

I scored a goal..header from a free kick!! We won 2-0 …I was on the team’s list which is more than nirvana for me!! Nothing worth mentioning abt the game...except..the captain called me their team's Ronaldinho!! I am not all that toothed or dark or I ;)

Ohh god..why am I so addicted to her..nvr let me get rid of her!! If I am Ashish..she is my HASHISH…she gives me the best high...I love her the most…even much more than….


thushar said...

even much more
ASHISH!!! tu bhi na!!

Varun Sadana said...

Yaar ghar mein kuch football trophies kam pad rahi hai.. how bout helping the cause, I am tired to sending the same old pics to my friends telling how good a football player I was, think bout me also dude.. i need to change the pics.. and fast.. u have q and a half month.. keep playing

wrappedinapolythene said...

i do love u thushar...brotherly love..humanly love...a straight man to a straight man straight that sometimes u can use me as a ruler!!

Nishit said...

dude, i stop to wonder, is IBM paying u for maintaining this blog? can't get rid of the feeling that ur indeed doing it well.. ;-)

Vivek said...

hi dude....... i didnt knew u are also writing these stories.....its really interesting its helping... thank you keep it up......and if you want to read me & cousins blog then go for it...