Sunday, April 8, 2007

happy waala easter

Easter, n half of USA was closed, half of the other half was celebrating weekend but still whatever was remaining was enough for us to motivate out of beds to break the ennui!!

We did fitaelgiri. Now wats fitaelgiri..its a game…n the first rule of fitaelgiri is that u don’t think about fitaelgiri, the second rule about fitaelgiri is that you DON’T think abt fitaelgiri..the third rule is that u just roam arnd without any purpose. Petrol is cheap here but still not cheap enough to be wasted like the way we did..Thanks to Uma for his kind gesture to show me some real beautiful places!

Ok no money to guess that I watched “fight club”. No aspersions on its standing close to Usual suspects, Matrix etc in Thought of going to some places known for electronics goods, shoes etc etc…everything closed. Still me n Uma ventured out. This time I took the camera along..thank god! I always had this desire of showing the readers what I am seeing…coz I kno they cant see through my eyes which already have glasses and are colour blind..
Here is the set of pics taken and few videos with U certificate…

PS: each pic uploaded twice by mistake…no patience to delete each one separately..plz bear with me…and yes I am not trying to ENFORCE any thought by two pics!

The pictures are self explanatory n even videos shud b but still let me jst tell smthng abt them..

This first one is a view from my balcony, capturing majorly a road that comes out of a college and which bears screaching tires and zooming modified four being Sunday captured nothing but a white lancer at moderate speed!! Will try to gather sm big ones later!!

These ones are special..they show wat I tried to describe in heaven o heaven writeup…video speaks clearer than words..

An hour well spent..n do watch Fight club..its not at all an action movie!!

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Varun Sadana said...

Yeah upar wali photo toh nit krookshetrrr types lag rahi hai.. i hope we are not digging into a conspiracy theory here!