Sunday, May 20, 2007

If football was any easier it would be called dance!!

Ok fellow we talk about dancing on the football. Many call it freestyle soccer, in Brazil its known as Futsal and for others its just skills. Incase you guys are perplexed about wat i am talking watch the following video and then we ll proceed further....

So now that you are mesmerised by the skill level of these footballers you must be intrigued by the fact that why are these guys not in big leagues or famous teams. They have got an amazing ball control and many of them can stick the ball to their body like a nail to a magnet then why are they not out their on the grass...I was troubled by this for a very very long time... and I was sure I am ignorant of the fact that these freestylers are playing for some league before i met George. George's name is pronounced as HORHE as he is a Brazilian and he is a great free styler.

I reached the ground and saw this guy juggling the ball. He was standing on the small cemented piece of land near the changing room and playing there... I have played with him on the ground earlier and he was an above average player but when I saw his skills I was highly impressed. Post handshake and normal obligatory remarks I asked him to teach some to me and he did try to ...but i m too slow for it!!
When we were busy juggling I asked him that since you guys have superb ball control then you all should be extremely outstanding on the ground. This indeed made his eyebrows shrink and his eyes were asking me..AM i not good?? I thought its better to b more precise and lucid before he stops passing me the ball in the game! So I reframed my question but again I meant the same...he smiled and gave an explanation which many of us have never thought of...

First of all...freestylers are players of dead ball which they juggle or play with at more or less the same spot whereas you cant stay at a place in the game for more than a second.
Secondly freestylers mostly practice on hard land so that they get enough push to make their fast moves whereas grass sucks you in. I agree to that fact..I have played both on the hard ground with no grass and a soft one with grass and believe me the game is very different. The ball goes dead on grass after a bounce and it slides faster. Also the grass doesnt push the player to run forward so one has to make more effort which is tiring!
The third point which he told was that the field game is more about making right moves, understadning your team mate, passing the ball accurately and swiftly...whereas in freestyle none of this involved. In freestyle you are the ruler of your mind and legs so u can play the way you want.
Lastly and may b very leastly...he said that freestyle footballers have pretty flexible legs which make their kicks and passes bit weak. I dont agree to this as George is one of the better players in the league...
Besides all these negatives the biggest positive of freestyle is that it helps build a chemistry between you and the ball. You get more control and you can think fast to get your next move right!!

So Billy (one of the best freestylers in world) is a good ball player but not a great football player...the video below justifies all!! Happy freestyling!!!

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