Friday, September 5, 2008

Hope ...Game On!!


In an attempt to come up with something fresh and different, I have zeroed on this!! Its the best I could draw and hope my best is decent enough for you all! So from now on, besides writing, I will often come up with these drawings or pictures...and we will play a game....there are only 2 rules of the game:

Rule 1) I will post the picture and you will give it a title....For example, My title for this creation is HOPE! The title need not be one word only, it can be anything from a word to a line to a phrase to a blog..anything! The person who comes up with the best title will get a treat from me*.God Promise!!
* ONLY MY Terms and Conditions apply!

Rule 2) If you think you liked someone else's title..then rate it on a scale of 1-5..5 being the best!! Getting votes for your popularity is the only way of bribing me! Otherwise nobody argues with me in this game and quietly follows rule 1. 

If you think you are the outright winner...please feel free to claim your treat!

I didn't want to mention this but for those adamant souls...This is a monarchy and I am the LAW!

So Lets Game On!!