Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hungry India

It all starts with a smile and doesnt end even after you have run miles. First Let me quote wat has happend to me... yesterday my frndz parents visited her in bangalore and invited us for dinner at her home!! time....time to celebrate ...and hence TIME TO HOG!! We went to her house...and we ate like pigs...from rajma chawal to sweeets to wat not....and when our bellies were protruding enough to give our tea table a competition we slept....guess wat happened in morning today... This overeating lead to a series of chain reactions leading to gas formation and now i m less of a burden on earth..coz i m floating like a gas balloon!! i m feeling like an Appy Fizz now!!

why does this this only we indians who love to celebrate things by overeating or is it very human!! be it any festival or celebration time...the first thing that we have to do is to arrange for an eatable for the occassion! infact festivals are directly related to dishes...kheel-batashe for diwali, ghujia for holi, rasgulle for rakhi, cakes for christmas, sewiyan for id etc etc etc...and bloody all of them are sweet!! i have heard abt having a sweet tooth but i think we indians are born with a sweet jaw...very very sweet...may b thats why gals think that indians kiss better than italians ;)

jokes apart...there is a serious fact that i read couple of months we all kno that humans will put on fat if they overeat without ample exercise...but the body part that will become the fat store varies with the genes...latin/europeans put on fat in legs...russians put on fat on shoulders..and we blessed indians put it on our tummy!! we are so blessed...

so why do we do this to our bodies and arent there any better ways of expressing love??? u go home and if u tend to control ur intake ur mom taunts at u saying that u dnt like home food or wat?? then offering/forcing second or multiple serving is a mandatory rule!! i m sure everyone wud have gulped down food under the pressure of host's blackmails or continuous persuasions!!
there are many other instances where we try to prove that we live to eat and not eat to live...i m doing nothing, i m getting bored..wat to do?? ok lets eat something!!!ohh india vs pakistan match....lets get something to nibble while i m watching!! i have a fast let me eat a lot today! infact i kno ppl who eat to avoid depression...Adnan Sami is one of them and dnt be shocked...i really kno him,thats a different issue that he doesnt kno me!!

ok...enough of eating cribs...the major problem is that we dnt exercise..we dnt workout as much as we eat...infact indian eating habits are in a big time mess....
aaloo paratha has to go with butter.....butter panner, butter chicken, lassi, rice items, chhole god....all are deadly dishes...and once we hog..we hardly bother to atleast burn the unwanted stuff!!

when did u last see a huge dustbin?? i m sure pretty recently..the picture wont b too hazy...a huge plastic box...totally packed with all kind of eating stuff..bulging out from all sides...waiting to burst open...stinking as well!! dnt u think our bodies are not very far from it...analogously???

after giving all this gyaan..i just pray that i had a cap like appy fizz..which i cud ve opened and wud have let all the FIZZ in me to go away!!

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Sir Abhimanyu Girotra, Dunbar the Earldom. said...

Khaane pein blog mat likha kar yaar..pls yaar...tere ko pata yaha ka scene....yaad mat dilaya kar

mood off kar diya mera tune