Sunday, July 22, 2007

doleful me!!

I was asked my favourite band, a band with whom i can relate myself, if not a band then atleast a style of music or a singer...but to my own surprise I didnt have any one to name. This question was shot at me during my campus recruitment interview and even today the wound is as fresh as the first day!! Why cant I love IRON MAIDEN, why cant I die for BRYAN ADAMs, why cant I be a die hard fan of a single kind of there a "loyalty" problem in me?? am i bit too far away from dogs ( known for their loyalty)

While i was busy digging my soul to find the answers I realised that I was enjoying the song being played in my music player..It was a sad song..painful..low spirited heartsick song!! I was amazed that how can a "jolly" person like me can be so "self sadist". Within a flash I copied all my songs to winamp and started scanning the huge list of 4000 songs to find my favourite ones...and guess my SHOCK and AWE and HORROR..most of them...ok let me frank....all of them were doleful!!

For the knowledge of all those who dont know me..I am not at all a loser kind of guy who is busy crying and cribbing for things...never do i get into those female characteristic mood swings and I always love, infact strive hard to make sure that the ambience around me happy-happy. Then why the hell do i like such painful songs...

some of my fav songs are:
0) Fiddler on the Green by Demons and Wizards
1) Bheegi bheegi from Gangster
2) Nothing else matters By Metallica
3) 2 minutes to midnight by Iron Maiden

The list is long but the only common thing among them is that these songs make my soul shiver..arranged in decreasing order of shivering!! Though most of us would love to inform me that some of these songs are not that remorseful but if we go through the lyrics and history/showcasing of each song then we would realise that they do deserve some tears!
Actually I realised some thing while writing the last line above..the word "lyrics"...YES..thats the word...I dont like music..I like the lyrics! For each song i love to listen i love the words presented in a plate with backgrnd music....the heavier the lyrics the more i feel the song and the more i like it..
also in most of them there is a heavy role of guitar too and as i say..."the guitar cries" these songs!!!

Now is this an uncommon trait? is this something unique to me and gr8 enough that i can mention it in my resume?? or is it a common thing that people appreciate lyrics more than the "sound" in it?? So as I find the answers to all this..u ppl enjoy one of my favourite ones!!

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Abhimanyu Girotra, still alive. said...

Ashish, when one starts getting old, he tends to appreciate lyrics more than the song!!