Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Mr and Mrs. Irwin

Prescience…premonition…foresight…these are all synonyms which hypothetically exist in real world but the day you feel them they give you the best high!! Don’t think I am a part of Final Destination series now…neither did I experience déjà vu…Today I just saw how a man is when he has everything what I have always aimed for..
When we talk of my little puny mind…I have at max aimed of being a guy with a good house, owner of a great car, a good wife esp the one I love(caste creed no bar), all kinds of electronic gadgets at home, rooms customized for my indoor activities like playing guitar or probably drums, having a good sports bike and enough money to support all this…
And I m sure not many of the college pass outs would have thought way beyond this…particularly for me it’s a point in life where I ll b satiated and then think…now what else to do in this life besides breathing!!!

I am talking all this and revealing all my aspirations coz today I met this guy who is at this point… to be honest at a point where I pine to reach!!

Call him Naveen Charles or Irwin… it doesn’t change what he is…special thanx to shake spear uncle who said “wats in the name”…. He is a very warm guy whom I befriended on the soccer field. He has a gorgeous wife who has a very friendly nature and they are complete as a couple. Besides the warm, amicable, gentle nature, both of them have faced many situations which I think I would be facing someday later…that’s one more reason I think I am somehow analogous to them ;)
Now talking of more materialistic things…he had a bike.. a Yamaha R6…I just saw some pics..and I bet…the fish eyes of the bike can beat any pair of cat eyes hands down. Then while describing his riding experiences he told me that there is a technology that sucks in all the breakable parts of the bike once they face a heavy impact due to a sudden unfortunate fall!! Also there were few tricks and tips discussed about riding heavy bikes.

That was what he HAD…now let me come to what he HAS.…. An SUV…that’s normal…then lets not get it into the elite league…

Here we enter his house from the garage door….House is big big and beautiful! 2 floors..and it has everything u want in your house…besides the cave man needs of bed room bathroom kitchen drawing room etc…there is a special entertainment room. It has an inbuilt wiring for projectors sound systems etc and I think the room has been designed keeping acoustics in mind!! And guess wat he has in that room…naaa…no flat TV..he has a 5 piece drum there which has many parts about which he told and my puny brain forgot all the terms…

Coming down… he has a superb music system connected to a mini mac…which plays the itunes like mad… infact the music system is placed guarding the fireplace…so I was just wondering wat a pleasant scene it would be..when it will b snowing outside and you are sitting next to fire with light music and drinks and ofcourse your spouse with u!! ahem ahem….really interesting!!

Then comes the gun he owns…hope he has the licence coz I m mentioning it here. It can kill a man from a distance less than 3 miles and more than 4 feet….less than 4 feet u are safe coz u wont b in front of the nozzle u c ;) It’s a nice gun which he can use for hunting and it is allowed in US… Also as told to me you can kill a guy in texas if he dares to trespass your property….how dare you use my toilet…dhiskiaun!!!

Wat else to mention…he cooks delicious chicken and his wife, Vani, forgot to mention her name, gives him solid competition in cooking!! I still can taste chicken on my half of jaw while the right is craving for more of sambar and cabbage!!

Now comes the big B….tan tadan tadan tadan….here comes the B…B for BMW…he owns a BMW 300 series…a car that is loaded with as many features as hair on my head.
GPS, ABS,surround sound and steering wheel controller etc are there even in a carpenter’s car even if he doesn’t have to do anything with the car!! But a GPS that can talk, a car that responds to vibrations in vocal chord…that’s something amazing!! Seats that adjust to the shape of your back, head lights that turn with your eyeballs, steering that takes care of the free drive, run flat tyres, finger sensor door locks, tracker in the car, personal temperature controller…..ok if all this sounds Angolian to u…let me explain!!
Seats have air bags in them…u rest on them and then push the button…air is sucked in and the seat takes the shape of your back...so now you know where to test the size of a shirt for the person who was sitting in your BMW next to you or may b u can get measures of sm1z waist !!
Head light turns left if u turn left and it turns right if you turn right…it’s as simple as seeing straight!! If you can’t understand this…. You are squint eyed for sure!!
Now this one is interesting…if you are going fast fast super fast on a highway and u just move ur steering a bit…a normal car will sway like hell…so this car has this steering technology that makes sure that at high speeds ur steering needs more rotations to take a small turn…and vice versa for slow motion!! Ain’t that impressive!!
RFT…as they call it...run flat tyres...they are indeed tubeless….but they can run for miles even if they are flat…as a result…there is no spare tyre which gives u the luxury of keeping an ice box in the boot!!
Finger sensor door locks….it senses your finger or I think finger print…and it locks unlocks the door and the boot!!
Tracker in the car…a more layman definition of “where is my car”…some1 has stolen your BMW…its ok ….call BMW…they ll find it!!
After all these high fi technology there is this pretty ordinary sounding technology which can be called personal temperature controller…u are cool…so u need hotter air…whereas she is hot….give her a cool breeze…set the temperature at your seat…and it works within seconds!!
Besides all these gizmos…there are things like…the motion control of the rear view and side view mirrors…even at reverse gear it changes angle to give u a view of your rear tyre as well as the blind spot!!

So this car rocks…and so does the life of this man… I went to dinner with this dude and finally realized that socializing is good especially when it helps you give a clear vision of where you are heading!! May god bless this guy a lot of more fun and whatever he desires…that might get me a view of where I am heading!!

A dinner well eaten and an evening well spent!! Burpppp…time to sleep!!


Varun Sadana said...

Again, a step closer to coming to bangalore, and "You Bloody Indians"

Rajeev said...

Yeah man!!
BMW simply rocks!!
nice blog and nice post!!

peace & love