Friday, August 10, 2007

bindia to india

India is a democratic, secular republic. The country is of the people for the people and by the people...but as i have always asked...who are these people...atleast i dnt get a feel that i m one of those.
U c i cant drink wat i want coz its gandhiz bday today...i cant talk to some1 coz he prays with his palms open...i cant marry some1 coz her god was crucified and ours has never shed blood....forget all these big things....i cant watch something coz some people dnt want me to watch it! My life, my eyes, my thoughts and i am an adult who knows what my neighbour with 10 kids did 10 times and i should not do at wrong time!!
Actually these thoughts/frustation cropped up in my head coz i saw a gang of hooligans tearing down one of the movie posters and causing havoc in the area...when asked why are they doing it ( i didn't ask )...most of them told that its anti social, vulgar and crappy movie....will spoil the society!! it did they come to know abt it without watching??
everything is a selfish drama in this country...these guys were doing it coz they want publicity in the local mob! sometime back..some local gang called "yuva shakti" cropped up and vandalised "athena-the disco" in bangalore..claiming that it is spoiling the culture of bangalore...before breaking the things..these guys were sitting inside dancing and boozing :)
ok..these are publicity hungry hooligans resorting to cheap stunts to get some man power and get into the good books of the local leader!! but wat abt our censor board...
all of them are well educated people who have been dancing in half clothes in movies when their moms used to run after them with shawl to cover them. These people cut down the "censored" parts of the movies. The scenes are too hot and vulgar so the kids should not watch to save the heritage of our country, they cut those scenes..not that i m desperate to watch those scenes...and also in this e-world they cant stop me from seeing them ...but who are they to tell us whats not good for us or our kids...arent parents supposed to decide wat their children shud watch?? a limit this policing might b helping set the social moral values correct but plz dnt censor everything!!
Earlier there was a censor board only for movies...then came this board for ads....banning ads coz they dnt publicize the right product in right manner! somebody shud tell these people that ads are not a description of the product..its a publicity from sales perspective and the stronger an impact it makes on a viewer's head, the better its recall value...let the viewer have jurisdiction power!
never know wat all censors are gonna come up...cant wear short pants..coz they show ur knee and hairy will get scared!! cant put wireless earpiece as it makes u look like an will get scared!! cant fart in will get scared!! cant talk in kannada in will get scared!! censor all shudnt get affected!
I was wondering if this censoring is just a present day fad or it has been there since ages..was it always here when we wrote KS or it came with Firangs...
This question makes me imagine that Some1 like gandhi nehru wud have tried calling apni bharat mata "bindia" to represent the heritage, wifey loyalty etc values of this country...but these queen's illegitimate sons found it too vulgar to name the country after a "gal" they removed the "b" and made it india!!

Censorship is nothing but another way of tying down the society, thoughts and ideas..dont u think Gandhi fought against all these things,millions laid down their lives to come over all these...but...where are we today, still under them???

2 minutes of silence ....For world peace...and freedom!


Sir Abhimanyu Girotra, Dunbar the Earldom. said...

Whop a 360 from Salman Rushdie...I thought you were a Satirist.Nevertheless the Chameleon changes its color impromptu.

Now here is the deal; When you say "India is a democratic, secular republic. The country is of the people for the people and by the people..." Every individual has the Privilege of being himself. He may act like a hooligan or a Goon. He does what he likes you do what you like.

MOre than curtailment on the freedom of an individual it is the clout in the couch of handfull which really makes you feel this way or rather pushes to vocalize your feelings..

Nevetheless well written, Would have really made a difference if you would have actually brought up the reasons that make us fell like a ch*****

Sir Abhimanyu Girotra, Dunbar the Earldom. said...

I will never miss you..I have added the RSS feeds from your blog to My Google reader....