Sunday, October 7, 2007

Comment/ Bakar

This blog is a comment on my best buddyz below mentioned writeup which is his interpretation of love/relationship!! since i love indulging in plagiarism..i thought of doing it in a different way ...sorry varun...

extremely nice writeup ..i can never pen down my thoughts in such a flow...and since being best buddies for ages ... day in day out we talk abt gals and relationships, hence i could understand everything wat u meant...but i wud LIKE to differ on this...forgive me for watever i m gonna say :) i owe u a draught :P

NOTE: the comments/suggestions/bakar of mine is not meant only for varun...the word "you/u" refers to the readers in general!!

"if i do this today...and if i wont b able to do it tomorrow..then things will get spoilt" ..this is the crux of the writeup..

but why cant u do it tomorrow...and if u cant do it tomorrow then why cant u explain it to ur counterpart/other-half that u cant do it...isnt she/he supposed to b understanding as well??

"understand the gal before telling a her properly..see if she can fit in well..etc etc...think a lot before taking any step"..MOU i owe u 2 draughts :P

all those people who think/talk like this r calculative and safe player in life/relationship..not like wat wat varun is in share market :)

u are not ready to experiment, u are scared of trying and hence to b on a safer side u have drawn lines....drawing analogy to a game of football... u set rules, regulations, yellow cards and red cards...indeed the game goes on pretty good...everybody comes out happy and safe....n everyone thinks that its the best way to play...but have u ever played a game of soccer in rain in open ground full of slush and MOST IMPORTANT..without any fear of losing...i kno u have more chances of getting hurt in can go wildly out of control...and things can go bizzare..infact game can b over & out in a jiffy...but that is wat i think gives a real feel of living...that is wat touches u deep within (ask me :P )!!
actually i appreciate the beauty with which varun has found and explored each-n-every weak joint of a relationship..its pretty tough to pen down all the thoughts in such a systematic manner..but one request..can u plz write another blog on wats good in a relationship, if possible,as big as this one (i kno this blog is not abt...wats bad in a relationship)??? i jst wanna see wat are the things u appreciate in a relationship! time to make annapurna happy :)

personally even i think, life is very simple...and so is a do we gel with our frnds in life??as varun told me we both set rules that we dnt have to talk everyday...we ve to b egoistic..we dnt have to care...we dnt have to assume coz we dnt kno each other....naaahhh...we jst flow...if mood b...i ask him.. how u doing, had food...if mood b we ll assume things for each other and buy stuff including movie tickets :P...i agree with u on this frnt buddy..but a life partner is not the same as ur normal frnd, not even ur best frnd...u shud nt even try to make her/him LIKE ur best frnd...
u can live miles away for ages..and still b best frnds...but not in a relationship!! u can bear ur frnd flirting with other gals..but u cant stand ur gal even talking abt one potential competition of urs....there are many such examples..

let me not digress frm the topic..actually i think that relationship is more abt 2 ppl..who can NEVER b same in the begining..and they have to mingle slowly...hence there shud not b any rules or regulations for each other...u shud keep moulding urself according to the other, which shud b a two way affair...and changing urself to the other person's need is not going under-egositic..its abt understanding him/her and hence coming upto his/her frequency level..its abt respecting his/her perspective towards life..his/her likings..and then trying to gel his/her needs to ur needs..i m not asking u to totally give up ur personal interests for him/her..but atleast try to set interests of both the people at same level....coz finally only those 2 ppl can last together who are like each other!!even in this case of urs...where ppl will follow ur rules..i dnt think u can find any couple in which both the guy and the gal will agree to any point u ve said...they ll have their different view points..and hence again a scope of moulding according to each other against ur philosophy of staying egoistic.... so ppl just take the risk...and u ll enjoy it..till when can we calculate..till when can we b bound by home family field payroll NSE roads..everywhere we follow rules..we cant help those coz we are not the owners of those things and we r not the only ones getting affected...but atleast try this thing without rules..take a combined ownership of ur relationship...and then both of u get out on the highway...see how ur vehicle cruises!!! as varun says.. forget the destination..enjoy the journey!!

one very famous quote...sorry for going over philosophical...
"ships are safe in harbours...but is this wat they are made for???"
let ur sails down, take ur partner along..and let the wind guide u..and i m not saying NO RULES..i m jst asking u to keep them minimum..only use a compass and a map..thats it....and as u know..FLEXIBILITY is the key to we used to tell it to abhimanyuz best frnd CC...i ASSURE u..that u ll b in a mess a lot of times.u ll b struggling ...fighting....but u ll love these testing moments...these will b the most defining moments of ur 85 when u ll look back ur amnesia wont let u recollect all the rules...but the bruises on ur body will for sure make u realise of wat u ve been through....bahut mazaa aata hai, seriously..its tried and tested :)...who knows better than me and my buddy!!


Smokin Joe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Smokin Joe said...

Your post has made me change my post a bit, actually a lot. I think I am not expressive and things are unclear.
But my friend philosopher, guide, I just request you to read my whole post again, and I need to know where have I defined rules. Why do you eat food? Is there a rule to do that? Why do you work and earn money and wanna be successful? Is there a rule? There isn't. These are things to survive and make yourself happy.

Also, i didn't find many a things in your blog which differ from my thinking. I know its the same thing, but with a different wrapper.

wrappedinapolythene said...

thats why i confessed that its an act of plagiarism..its almost the same but more subtle and less implicit!!

thushar said...

wtf!! i live with gays!!

aastha said...

Relationships are easy to write and define but its difficult to understand unless the person is deeply into it...
ur frnd's blog was like an experienced voice speaking loudly abt the pros and cons of the relationship ..
i totally agreed to all those points but..
when i read ur viewpoints, i agreed that giving importance to little things in life can prove to do wonders especially when a person is truly, madly n deeply connected with someone special in life..
i loved both the sides of the same coin...
very well said..

Confused Soul said...

Hey..... I read varun's blog -- I more or less agreed with it... I read your blog ...I again more or less agree with it !!! thats why i have used the sign up name as confused soul :)

Both of you are equally qualified to write about the relationships due to your rich on-hand experince so I am even more confused ;)

wrappedinapolythene said...

dear confused soul....we both are writing on the same lines of thought..same ideas..jst that the way of expression is different..his is more practical..mine is more fantasy oriented [:P]

neha said...

moral of the story: you guys have been pretty right but the only thing i feel is...something like what ashish said..u cant really practise these, coz to practise u gotta remember these..
these are good reference notes, but in a relationship u are more spont. and natural...
pulkit..u agree right ;)

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