Friday, June 13, 2008


Caveat: This writeup is for those who know/feel that science is not only a subject but a feeling!

Driving on a highway, listening to Metallica, imagining the guitarists fingers flowing through the fret board of the guitar, i cud feel myself getting goosebumps! I was wondering what is it in human beings that gives them a high. Isn't it so astonishing that the mind which controls the whole body, itself loses control and flies! How does one provide a reason for this state in which the mind-body transcend. Let me give it a try..

To begin with, how does one get a high...what are the shooters that give u a high...Most of you relate high with booze/dope but I believe that they give the worst quality of highs.It is one of the most short lived highs that also leads to post-high effects like hangover and GUILT. And surprisingly the best things that give you a high are not palpable..your favourite song, a beautiful alaap by your favourite singer, an amazing dance, a beautiful move in your favourite sport or the most simple of all a good deed that makes ur soul happy smthng like making a kid smile :) {sounds too philosophical but I guess it works...thats the EQ on which vodafone and airtel adds cash on}

So what is it that gives sends the mind to a different world.. I feel its a simple scientific rule of communication that can define the high... here goes the THEORY OF HIGH:
Every communication is accomplished in 3 steps... u send a message, receiver receives a message and sends u an acknowledgement, u receive the acknowledgement to complete the loop of communication....our body works in the same manner, brain tells the body to do smthng, body does it and asks the head if its being done in the right manner, then the brain decides if its being done in the best possible way!

Now when u get a high, your body stops listening to the brain..its as simple as the fact that there are no 2 entities like the brain and the body...they become a single piece and there is no time lag of communication and acknowledgement....imagine ur favourite shooter and u ll b easily able to identify where does this rule fit into it!

P.S: I kno this article is ultra philosophical and scientific..forgive me from digressing from my "humour" oriented style of writing! Comments still awaited!