Friday, April 6, 2007

heaven o heaven !!

Just when the lyrics of “comfortably numb” were coming true for me I found company!! My days were passing like months..getting up at 8:30ish..reaching office by 10ish…lunching outside by 12ish..coming home by 6ish…n then sitting at home munching and watching online movies! This monotony was getting on me!! When I was abt to commit suicide there she came!! Though she was round but still I have always loved such things on this was colourful still naked..sparkling clean and even the tag wasn’t removed. It was nothing but a volleyball! My office mates were going to play and I joined them. I really didn’t kno that wat I saw cud have really existed..

The ground was behind our office n I never knew that. The road which we took to the ground was a B E A utiful road..straight out of an NFS game..meandering, rising to a height at such an angle that you can’t guess whats there besides the top..and then a steep steep slope.. My colleagues told that they call this place Switzerland..but I wud say they wudn’t have been exaggerating if they called it “Stairway to heaven”. Simply amazing!
Just imagine…lush green ground on both sides which stretches till horizon, sparsely placed trees with blue and yellow flowers on them, cool breeze gushing through, clouds and sun playing hide and seek..and amidst all this..a Mercedes SUV cruising on a meandering rising sloping road…I LOVED IT

And then we reached this ground..I couldn’t have imagined that IBM cares so much for its employees. A lush green ground..with flood lights enlightening your mind more than the ground. There was a big football ground, 2 baski courts, 4 lawn tennis courts and our destination..the sand volleyball court! Infact I should say, beach volleyball court. We were 6, so 3 a side game of beach volleyball! Diving, jumping, taking the shots in air and talking in hindi!! Cracking our kind of non veg jokes, MC-BC, etc etc!!

This evening’s setting sun burnt a mark on my mind like no other candle could have done. I LOVED IT.

Besides this I didn’t do much today, except changing Uma’s car’s flat tyre and ya..forgot to mention!!
I went to a gas station..and guess wat came behind our car. While Uma was filling gas in his car, I was busy appreciating her. And infact I didn’t kno which of the two ladies was more beautiful. One was a lady, I guess Mexican/Latin. That wheatish white skin which was not at all exposed. Wearing normal clothes, a short t and a fitting jeans with those cowboy kinda shoes. Must b 6ft tall and I bet she can beet any Aish etc hands down. And the other lady with which she came was short, may b 4 ft tall, wearing black with shades of fire on it. The alloys were yellowish and her name was porshce carrera 911 gt! Pheeww…when she roared…I got an……man o man!! A carrera n that too modified…thushar I missed u so much!! Man it was straight out of our NFS..copy paste kinds!!while writing this I still can see it taking that super sharp cut so smoothly n then before switching off the engine taking that last deep breath…vrrrrroooooooom!!

In a nut shell, a day well lived…I love u god to have sent me to this planet as a human!

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