Sunday, May 6, 2007


We are nation of 1 billion people, a $1 trillion economy, a $1,000 per capita income. That’s the way we should think. We are not far from it!!! This was the buzz line in India
last night…When the Indian rupee was busy appreciating below 41 mark against the dollar I was providing it a helping hand by flaunting the spending power of Indian youth.

I was at Downtown.

Though the name is Downtown but the life is really on a high here…Series of clubs discos pubs …The happening street in Downtown is 6th street. The street is surrounded by multi storied buildings which are desperately trying to hide the sin street from the eyes of the god. The clubs are like street vendors in India…yelling their speciality and trying to lure the passer bys to enter.. Though no discounts are offered ;) Unlike India there was no mandatory couple entry and no cover charges for entry…and the sole reason for this is that these clubs have bigger bouncers. Some of them were part time WWE fighters… We reached there by 10:30pm…nothing really was happening and parking slots were unoccupied.. Our main goal was to roam around and get a good dinner…We went in the “Dine” and made sure we utilize our free meal coupons to the best...we came out at 11:15 or so…and u wont believe…there was a flood… a flood of young guys and gals each flaunting the charisma of their wardrobe, their smell yelling in the nose to attract each pair of eyes in the street and their style driving the free lance photographers crazy…. And in this flood we were just floating…Unaware of the direction in which we were heading we kept walking and hopping. Yup…you read it right …“hopping” …Club hopping is one of the major fancies of people here…You just show ur id proof to prove that you are above 21, enter the club, roam around, and then come enter the next…so we literally hop from one club to another…hop hop hop…we hopped a lot…and finally wen we were tired… We drove back home!! On the way back we saw millions of cops on bikes cars helicopters…just hovering arnd to make sure the city is safe….I was astounded by the fact that such a huge area was hip and happening throughout the night and there are no restrictions…instead of forcing the people to follow guidelines of the government…the government was taking pains and making sure that things don’t go wrong…whereas in India there are rules of “shutters down” by 11 o clock at some places…People are forced to be at home when they don’t want to b…they are forced not to watch and listen and infact read what a brotherhood doesn’t want them to read…India is a democratic country…of the people for the people and by the people…the only point which was never mentioned is…who are these people??? But still..I love India… its free of many ills of this country because of such rules…u c its just a double edged sword!! So now when India seems to have grown economically its time that people break out of their mental shells of caste, creed etc etc etc…A bunch of “publicity hungry” people shud stop creating nuisance on trivial issues and may the people be allowed to celebrate Valentine’s day as happily as Diwali or Id ;) No more gyaan as it was my life’s most happening weekend and I am ending it on a happy note…

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Nishit said...

well written yet again... just checking..are u ashish nainwal? haathi?

well.. i'd buy u a coffe for sure.. take me to downtown next time pleaseeeeee....;-)