Wednesday, April 4, 2007

the hair raising day!

Pheww…2 days have passed by and still I am dizzy during the day. Now I am deciphering the correct meaning of daylight saving: Send a person from India to US and make him sleep throughout the day to come over jet lag. As a result he won’t be using most of the day light, hence daylight saved. See I am still the same!!
Zehers apart, let me begin from where I left. The apartment where I am putting up is located next to a busy road, a road that connects Austin City College to other parts. So this road mostly sees zooming cars and bikes. Talking about cars n bikes, I would say I have finally seen them all. Porsche, Pontiac, Lamborghini, Hummer, Harleys, Hondas etc etc. So many yet so less. Right now when I am scribbling this page I can hear a Harley throttling outside. Ooops I digressed…the apartment is a big 2 bhk, with carpet flooring, superb kitchen equipments, fully furnished bathroom, and jumpy pumpy beds. In simple terms I would say it’s a luxury apartment by any Indian standard but an ordinary one by US standards. This comparison itself shows that India is way behind USA, and its just the beginning.
On the road to office, I saw the most disciplined sense of driving. At each junction driver stops, check for the clarity of the road and then make a move. Though I found it tough to get accustomed to the right hand side driving norms, but Uma has become proficient in handling his automatic 1990 Camry. The epitome of discipline on roads is that on a road with no barriers the cars come till the junction to take U turn. Also even to walk across the road one has to press a button that will show u a green signal to walk by.
Simply impressive.
The office here reminds me of the forwarded mail about Google office. This office is no less than that. You have everything from a snack to personal workspace to unlimited supply of whatever you want. Discussing issues over pool table and having coffee in the lush green lawn are just in the routine here. I was not amazed that we don’t have all these facilities in India. Just imagine if you have an open rack of stationary items in your office which is supporting a table full of snacks, chocolates etc would you let the supply guy out of business? There is a simple printout sticking on the wall stating that one has to put 20-30 cents in a box each time you feel like picking any of this stuff. Though there is no one monitoring that supply table still people generously do what has been stated.
In gist, this country follows the rules. I haven’t seen a policeman on the road, no guard in the office or at parking, no manager sitting over your head. People understand their responsibility and live up to it and this is a major difference between us and US.
By no means I m looking down on India. But the culture and heritage of which we boast is hardly reflected in the way we live where as this country is a silent knife, which cuts through the mountain and never boasts of achieving a milestone.
The work speaks for itself….Hence proved here!
PS: Right now I am in an impressed state of mind so there is everything goody goody flowing out…wait for me to settle down …I would leave no stone unturned to find out the hidden worms!!


Varun Sadana said...

Boss, U r one step closer to You Bloody Indians

thushar said...

lol...well said varun!!

but since he's vowed to dig out the 'worms', he staunchly remains an Indian!! :P

Dinesh said...

Am thrilled that your thrilled about US! Enjoy dude! Keep writing and stay in touch