Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Hello blog/blog readers...

I was hibernating in the polythene and finally fell short of breath. So had to come out. It seems ages since I poured my observations in the polythene. Though I have not come up with a specific plan or agenda to talk about but lets talk in general and lets see what we end up with...

After finding the "wife on Mars" my humour bone started shrinking and I guess I started finding less reasons to laugh about...may b i fell in love with the "wife on Mars". If I try to recapitulate my observations for last 3 months...I find nothing really funny out there...the same old noise machine i ride..the same old pot hole on the Madivala Market road which is getting deeper and will soon form Madivala Lake: Part II...the same old cow standing besides the road trying to cross the road at around 6:30pm, peak office hour (i wonder how she manages to be so punctual...or can she smell me coming). Talking about road observations..let me share smthng scientific..I ve come up with a theory of "pillion sniffer".
using MY theory of "pillion sniffer" you can easily find out from a distance the age and gender of the pillion rider on the two wheeler in front of you...from one arm distance anybody can find this out but mind it i m talking about "from a distance"...The calculations are as follows: If the person sitting behind is holding the support behind the bike then either its an old man(worried for his life) or a gal (to maintain safe distance)...now if the head is still, neck stretched tall, peeping over the rider's shoulder then its for sure a gal..who is trying to look at the road ahead and all set to jump in case her eyes catch something which the rider missed...u see gals normally dont trust guys blindly...if the neck is relaxed and head is swirling all over the world..then its a young lad checking out or i shud say making observations... they dont care where they fall!
Note: This theory adheres to the theory of relativity..so it might not hold good in all situations...there are non-male and non-female people arnd us,'mind it'!!

Coming back to traffic...Tata uncle has come up with a gr8 solution for zipping through jams and narrow roads...I wont go in details of describing the microscopic features of Nano...but one thing is for sure...the world is going nano (read small)...everything is shrinking...it all started with the global village concept where distances started shrinking..then came lawn mower which shrunk to an electric shaver...following this shrinking norm came internet, mobile phones, pamela anderson wardrobe, T20 cricket and now nano...god knows wats in store in future...Just hope that for some things the rule of "the bigger the better" holds good always!!

Till the next set of observations...Chao!


Smokin Joe said...

Chao Uncle..
"If the person sitting behind is holding the support behind the bike then either its an old man(worried for his life) or a gal (to maintain safe distance)..."

Where does our soon-to-be-PhD Pande ji from Eastern UP fit here? Old.. naah.. Gal.. ok.. a bit..

Sir Abhimanyu Girotra, Dunbar the Earldom. said...

Fuckin awesome..write more often....at least i don't have to stretch my brain as i have to do in those IIML wale ke blog....

You have become like Jery Seinfeld, the innate ability to speak on rot and still make money wowowwo

wrappedinapolythene said...

@ joe... pandey was always an exception!

@ sir... thanx for the motivation!