Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chelsea Vs. ManU

I feel that penalty shoot-outs is just a way of forcibly finishing the game and giving it some result. Tossing a coin to find the result is just another option for the same though its a bit more easier and less biased than penalties.

First 40 minutes of the game ManU came all guns roaring but the moment Chelsea pressed the accelerator the red rodents ran hither-thither as if a cat has passed by. They were not able to understand whats that spherical thing rolling on the grass :) To summarize you will not find a blue supporter who is ashamed/utterly
disappointed of the loss but many ManU fans are still panting, trying to find that "sigh of relief"

I m sure the blues ve won many more fans (though not the cup). Drogba was indeed a shame!

At the end of the day, it was just another game where the score line never told who played of the games
for which its said ...WELL PLAYED BUT HARD LUCK!

As far as Tevez is concerned, may be its my lack of opportunities or may b my good luck, I ve never seen him play for what he was bought. He is the Shevchenko of ManU.

I kno many of u will post ur comments on the rhythm "ManU has WON and thats the end of it" and I truely agree with them.

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comfortably numb said...

big deal mate...yes chelsea played well in d 2nd half after getting a lucky goal(2 deflections n vds slipping) @ d end of the 1st period...but sum1 forgot the xtra time period n terry's miraculous save, n den sum1 forgot vds's save to give united d vctory...n yet someone says tht the losing team deserved it more...well,all i can say tht "dil ko behlane ke liye yeh khyaal accha hai"
as for tevez...u seem 2 have missed most of d epl season it seems coz u hvnt seen his winners against liverpool n last gasp decisive goals against lyon,spurs n blackburn...
dis is not anti-chelsea...just bringing reality into focus
for once,accept tht u suffered a fair n square loss unlike cfc players who jostled tevez for doing the same thing they themselves did twice b4 in d game...*PEACE*