Friday, January 25, 2008

wife on mars

6:30 am , getting ready for a game of football, I switch on the TV and guess what i get to hear! Pictures of a naked woman taken on Mars. The first thing that struck my mind was that its another Vijaya Mallaya stunt to pump a new life in his annual swimsuit calender photoshoot! But soon I realised that F1 cars dont go to Mars neither does Kingfisher...though its a different story that u feel like being on a mission to Mars inside a Deccan flight, where factors like g force( g stands for gravity;not gals), water-tight seats and the fellow astronauts play a crucial role!

Listening further to the news, I was wondering if its one of the woman liberation activists who has gone miles just to prove that women are always ahead of men...If man can land on moon then woman can sun bathe on mars! Armstrong's famous lines echoed in my head "That's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind." But he never knew that his giant leap for mankind will be overtaken so soon...where a comrade from "womankind" will leap from earth to mars that too just for a better tan!

Riding my bike towards the ground, i was still thinking about this "mysterious gal"! As far as I remember the flight to mars has never been launched from India,so she is not a "runaway bride" aka Lola...who wud have ran all the way as no one asked her to stop..all she heard was run lola run.... hmmmmmm...since the first flight was sent by US, I hope this lady is not one of the exiled citizens of the way it has been long since I heard about Monica Lewinsky...where is she??

I reached the ground..n the ball hitting my secured ares sparked the idea that how can anyone claim that the figure is a woman's....i kno many non-female men who have been "eve"-teased and that too to the teaser's embarassement...If the person over there is a man...then i m sure it Osama...full shaven...sitting cozy..enjoying life! Osama can do anything!

So this figure has sparked tonnes of it real or just an illusion...if real then is it a guy or a comic question that cropped up was "is she a virgin"...dont ask me who was inquisitive abt that! But i just pray that there is life on Mars and this person actually teaches us how to live there! So many problems will be resolved...we ll have another planet to hang around on...population wont be explosive any more....and to the best of my advantage...most of the IT companies will shift base to mars...bangalore will b a better place to live!

Just imagine...wat if the life is taking a full circle...watever happened on earth is happenning on mars too....The EVE has landed...soon Mr Adam will apple tree will crop up from somewhere....followed by the snake....history will repeat itself...and after millions of years another software engineer on Mars will be sitting idle on a Friday afternoon writting a blog about life on Jupiter!!

by the way wat do u think that figure is?


Sir Abhimanyu Girotra, Dunbar the Earldom. said...

Amazing way to correlate things. You are just a misguided missile when it comes to creativity.

Super cool imagination!!

Wanna work in my startup?

wrappedinapolythene said...

happily...wats the work?

tanushree said...

Adbhut lekh!!
Adbhut vichaar!!

Haasya avam gyan(jo bahut kum tha...)ka santulit mishran..

Lage raho!