Thursday, July 24, 2008


Sitting over the cup of coffee in office Mr. Pulkit yaaawwwwwwwwwns...I thought it was just a symptom for lack of oxygen in his brain but in his dying phase of yawn with a moaning soul, he says "M bored...bored to the core with whatever is going around!! with every sunrise, a new day starts, with lot of fresh new people around but the same old me...same lousy face, who struggles to search his second pair of eyes while rubbing the first pair, same rotten toothbrush, same snoring flat mate! start getting ready for office and even before i finish getting geared up for work it's time for dinner, have dinner coz at night u can only have dinner and not lunch (sorry but cudnt find any better reason for having dinner) and then the same old day that gets over with same old glass of tea!! The only thing thats new everyday is my age, that is i get a day older and realising this I ve decided to brighten up my life...but dont kno how"

So the friend in me volunteered to give some suggestions to Mr Pulkit..plz feel free to add some more from ur personal experiences...special request to the IT engineers who definitely face this "Yawnnnn in afternoon as if its Dawn" syndrome and have found innovative ways of curing it!!

to begin with, since his day gets boring coz of a lousy morning, so he can try and avoid mornings and get up directly in afternoon! might be of great help!!
may be he can try something unique it inventing new modes of suicides which includes holding his breath till he runs out of it
in office he can try to type with an upside down keyboard
keeping a track of the number of times he refreshes his desktop aimlessly!
counting the number of times he shakes his legs while chatting on gtalk!
at the end of the day atleast think about changing his socks once in a week (this is a personal vengeance)!

while i scribble this, most of my dear friends esp those in the suicITal industry might be feeling related to Mr. Pulkit...must be hallucinating of sitting in the same boat that strays aimlessly everyday and before we realize this its time again to Yawwwwnnn!!


camouflaged9 said...

ur "yawnnn" post is exciting..

Shruti said...

suicITal.. lol! :P